Virtual Tour of Depot

The RCMP is made up of more than 19,000 police officers across Canada. One thing nearly all have in common is that they have trained here at Depot. Cadets arrive in Regina, Saskatchewan to begin their 26-week training journey. This extensive course is offered in both official languages and is centred on community-based policing.

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour and give you a glimpse into life at Depot. Each episode of this series will show you a different location at the RCMP Academy. We will share a little history, a look at modern-day training and what it is like to live at Depot.

New videos will be added over the upcoming months.

Visit Depot Virtually

First posted on January 9, 2024 Credit: RCMP

Introducing Depot’s brand-new Virtual Tour Video Series. Come with us as we invite you to experience Depot Division – virtually!

Entering the Gates of Depot

First posted on January 29, 2024 Credit: RCMP

There are many sights when you enter Depot, both historical and new. The first stop is Fort Dufferin.

B Block: A lot has changed since 1887

First posted on February 27, 2024 Credit: RCMP

Next up on our tour is B Block, which has been repurposed over the years. Instead of the original dormitories, there are now classrooms, our own Barber Shop, the Indigenous Spirit Room and other training facilities.

Sleigh Square: A very special place

First posted on March 25, 2024 Credit: RCMP

Sleigh Square, also known as the Parade Square, is a very special place here at Depot. Here, we host events such as the Sergeant Major’s Parade, Sunset Ceremonies and the RCMP National Memorial

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