2019 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - G Division


Meetings held in 2018:
  • January 29, 2018
  • March 13, 2018
  • May 11, 2018
  • November 26, 2018 Pertinent Info/Carry Over
Key issues discussed
  • Need for on-going Conflict Resolution Training
  • On-going Cultural Orientation
    • Focus placed on units often not available for Cultural Orientation (e.g., OCC, Federal Units, Public Service Employee, etc.)
    • Yellowknife Detachment historically struggled with maintaining Cultural Awareness Program. Focused on ensuring future dates established, and expanded to more HQ units.
    • Divisional Cultural Awareness training/information to expand past the District awareness.
  • Gender-Based Analysis Plus
    • Accountability of membership to incorporate knowledge/skill set achieved via online and in-person training pertaining to Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Bias Awareness.
  • Non-Visible Disability
    • Discussed after Human Rights Tribunal Article made public and how members aren't being utilized in a timely and appropriate manner when on off-duty sick/gradual return to work/light duties, etc.
    • Creation of "job bank" available for gradual return to work/PMW to have skill, experience, and quality duties/tasks available when approaching managers with gradual return to work /PMW status for all Categories of Employees.
  • Timely and meaningful/appropriate is key with employee
  • Peer to Peer program re-vamp
    • More Face to Face to Northern Communities
    • Posters with Peer to Peer Info to each community


  • Employee/manager relations surrounding grievances/conflicts
  • Improve return to work experience and relationships between employees/managers
  • Address Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC) themes and issues and engage employees to reflect in Committee work/objectives

Current status

  • Employee/manager relations surrounding grievances/conflicts
    • Informal Conflict Management (ICM)
    • Training session scheduled for Jan 11-17 (approximately 20-25 employees)
    • Chief Superintendent Zettler committed to train 25% of Division in first year
    • Select GDN members for "train the trainer"
    • Continue to be an agenda item carried over
  • Improve return to work experience and relationships between employees/managers
    1. Addressed after review of the Human Rights Tribunal article
    2. Division to create a sub-committee to develop Divisional "Job Bank" duties/tasks
      1. Representative from all categories of employee
      2. Create objectives of the "Job Bank" and define when used and to ensure Line Officer/Manager and employee continue to have discussion regarding employees career goals, skill set, experience and needs with respect to assigning meaningful work/tasks
      3. To be presented to Committee at next meeting
  • Address GHAC themes and issues and engage employees to reflect in Committee work/objectives
    • Committee aims to visit 10 (of 23) Detachment over the next year
    • Aims to engage and discuss with employees' Committee objectives, expectations, themes, and work that GHAC is committed to
    • Develop Speaking points for next meeting surrounding themes presented and expectations surrounding Harassment

Next steps

  • Continue with Informal Conflict Management training of Division
  • Creation of "JobBank"
  • Divisional GHAC Detachment visit plan and highlighted speaking points/themes


All Divisional GHAC commit to making detachment/Unit visits to discuss the ongoing objectives, work, and themes and expectations at both the Divisional and National Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee continues to support.

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