2019 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - J Division


  • Our first meeting for this fiscal year was held on May 3, 2018 at the RCMP's Firearms Center in Miramichi.
  • Our second meeting was held on November 15, 2018 at Codiac detachment in Moncton.
  • Our recommendation from last year of engaging the divisional Peer-to-Peer Program in the harassment process with regards to victim support has been forwarded to those involved in managing the Peer to Peer Program in J Division. The roles and expectations of the Peer-to-Peer Program are currently being reviewed at a divisional level and the committee's suggestion has been communicated for consideration.


  • Our first objective for this reporting year is to develop and educate our committee members to become "champions" in the area of harassment so that they can be a "go to" person within their respective districts and programs for other J Division employees.
  • Our second objective for this year is to continue the monitor the progress of our recommendation regarding the Peer-to-Peer Program as mentioned above.

Current status

  • In an effort to better educate our committee members, during our May meeting we had a presentation about the roles, expectations and status of the Divisional Peer-to-Peer Program as well as the support services which are available to victims of harassment. This presentation was delivered by our Divisional Fitness and Health Promotion Advisor.
  • During our November meeting, we had a presentation and discussion about Human Rights. This presentation was delivered by Mr. Carl White who is a Human Rights Officer with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and member of the Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Visible Minorities.

Next steps

  • Moving forward, our committee is looking to learn more about the RCMP's harassment policy and investigation process. A presentation will be delivered to the committee by the Divisional Harassment Advisor during our next meeting.
  • Our committee will also be distributing harassment information pamphlets within their respective districts and programs.


Our recommendation to the National Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC) would be that the RCMP try to find ways to expedite the length of time it takes to complete a harassment investigation. This seems to be a common complaint among those who have been involved in a harassment investigation and is also a factor that is deterring people from reporting.

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