2019 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - M Division


  • May 2018 Employment Equity plan
  • June 2018 General Reporting
  • June 2018 Separate Call Out
  • September 2018 Orange Shirt day
  • October 20I8 Moose Hide Campaign


  • Employment Equity Plan (EEP): divisional application, information and plan delivery by Senior Management
  • General Report (GR) of committee work and call out for additional Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC) members
  • Separate Call Out (SCO) for additional GHAC members
  • OSD: years 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • MHC: divisional involvement

Current status

  • All action items completed, divisionally shared on June 14, 2018; follow up included nationally sharing through the Employment Equity (EE) Section
  • All action items completed, divisionally shared on June 14, 2018; general reporting sent to division, attached EE Plan, text of email call out to apply for committee
  • Call out resulted in one (1) submission: reported to Workplan Culture and Employee Engagement with application; new committee member list updated, seven (7) out of eight (8) positions filled
  • Over a span of three (3) years, started with home made orange ribbons, voluntary effort (Rousseau), wearing of ribbon requested in efforts of reconciliation - approval of all division to honour day via t-shirt or ribbon - Year 2018, Communication Unit, Commanding Officer's office and representative, cumulated in provision of Orange Shirt Day t-shirts distributed through out division
  • In 2017, the division received some Moose Hide pins. In 2018, pins were requested for distribution division wide. Moose Hide pins were received, communication messaging completed and distributed division wide

Next steps

  • Continued and greater efforts in communications, internal and external (where possible)
  • Encourage and further engagement of communities/divisional detachments
  • Garner a full committee list, one position left
  • Monitor and quantify deliverables of the Employment Equity Plan for M Division
  • Continue efforts to establish recognition of Orange Shirt Day, Moose Hide Campaign, Equity, Creating Positive Space, Pride Day and find ways for inclusiveness in the workplace



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