2019 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - O Division


Gender and Harassment Advisory Committees (GHACs) were established across all RCMP Divisions in response to the May 30, 2017 Merlo and Davidson vs. Canada agreement. These Committees serve as an internal advice-giving forum to Divisional Commanding Officers and the Commissioner on matters related to gender, sexual orientation, harassment, equity, and inclusivity, and support the RCMP's efforts in eliminating harassment and discrimination from the workplace.

  • O Division created their committee on January 15, 2018, through a selection process and with the approval of the RCMP Commissioner. The first meeting of the O Division Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (OGHAC) was held on January 23, 2018 to review the terms of reference and assign roles
  • OGHAC has held four meetings this calendar year
  • OGHAC has consulted with relevant groups and subject-matter resources, including:
    • Division Communications, Cultural Committee (Blanket Ceremony), the Divisional Harassment Coordinator, and a national Harassment SME. The Commanding Officer and Committee members have participated in meetings and awareness sessions for all of these groups.
  • The OGHAC conducted an environmental scan of O Division utilizing a logic model that has identified stakeholders, duties, responsibilities, outputs, and outcomes.


The OGHAC has identified, within its logic model, the following responsibilities, outputs, and outcomes:

  • Maintain open, consistent and collaborative communications with DEEC
  • Solicit feedback, concerns, and issues from Divisional. employees
  • Discuss various items
  • Communicate processes for reporting harassment or gender inequity
  • Analyze trends in Divisional harassment complaints.
  • Written annual report
  • Records of Decision
  • Two-way communications with Divisional employees
  • Analysis and provision of solutions to issues raised
  • Increased awareness of legislation, policies, and expectations of behavior surrounding gender, sexual orientation, harassment, equity, and inclusivity
  • Increased awareness and confidence in reporting harassment and gender inequity
  • Decreased incidents and reports of incidents of harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Increased morale and confidence within the organization, specifically among those who identify as female or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit (LGBTQ2)

Current status

The OGHAC has begun work on an action plan with, as a starting point, the establishment of a benchmark to measure current employee awareness of these issues within O Division, with the view of measuring change at a later date; post­ education/awareness activities. The Committee created an O Division questionnaire that will be rolled out in three phases:

Phase 1: to senior management (completed)
Phase 2: to Non-Commissioned Officers (through Supervisor Development Program/Manager Development Program-in process)
Phase 3: to all Divisional employees (to be completed in 2019)

  • The OGHAC has liaised and formed a partnership with the Divisional Harassment Coordinator
  • The OGHAC is in the process of forming a partnership with the Divisional Peer to Peer Program
  • The OGHAC is in the process of creating an lnfoweb reference page and monthly "Spot News" articles (ongoing)

Next steps

  • The OGHAC will engage other Divisions in an attempt to share best practices (early 2019- ongoing)
  • The OGHAC plans to begin broadcasts to O Division in early 2019, followed by participating in Town Hall meetings across O Division



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