2020 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - H Division


  • H Division currently has four active members of the Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC).
  • In 2019 the committee lost one member to retirement, one member to an inter-divisional transfer and one member to long term off-duty sick. Two of these members had filled the role of "manager" on the committee and subsequently led the committee.
  • H Division also experienced a change in the Commanding Officer. Given the transition period of the Commanding Officer and loss of committee members, the committee met only once – November 2019.
  • The committee had not received a response from national headquarters (NHQ) on the recommendations put forward in 2018. The committee did not want to propose or action "next steps" without this feed back.


  • Objectives put forward were to obtain and have approved definitions for Gender, Sexual Orientation, Harassment, Equity, Inclusivity and Unconscious Bias
  • Recommend "Unconscious Bias" training for all employees
  • Need to determine issues as put forward by the membership prior to making further recommendations

Current status

As noted in Background, the H Division Committee met only once in 2019 and did not action or move forward on objectives.

Next steps

  • Fill vacancies of committee. Previously selected alternate committee members are being contacted to determine if they are still interested in being part of the committee; if so appointment to be made by NHQ; if not initiate new selection process.
  • Vision150 – committee members to inform themselves with the Vision150 to move forward in alignment with the objectives of Vision150 and the Commissioner's Mandate Letter.
  • Education opportunities for employees.
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