2020 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - National Division


  • National Division's Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee (GHAC) has met four times since the beginning of this fiscal year in order to explore and advance the Division 's commitment to gender, inclusivity, equality and harassment in the workplace
  • Ongoing efforts have been made to gain a better understanding of the current state of affairs within the Division relative to this committee 's mandate, which includes acquiring employee feedback on these issues


  • Given the direct relationship between a positive organizational culture and the prevalence of issues pertaining to gender, inclusivity, equality and harassment. National Division GHAC has determined that their overarching mandate and continues to improve the organizational culture by fostering a respectful workplace. It is believed that a 'respectful workplace ' is one that is premised on advancing the mandate of the GHAC.
  • Furthermore, the GHAC will play an important role within National Division's Health and Wellness Program that is currently being formalized. This initiative is also in support of the results of the previous year 's 'Guarding minds' Survey wherein the objective was to identify areas of improvement to improve the overall culture of the division.

Current status

  • The GHAC was leveraged on several occasions in the last year in support of various National Division initiatives. The Committee was consulted in July for a mural project to be installed at various locations in order to get feedback on the design depicting National Division employees in various capacities to ensure that gender and ethnic diversify were adequately represented and that it was reflective of our Division's workforce.
  • Additionally, the GHAC was consulted on the design of a challenge coin for the Sensitive and International Investigation team where uniformed members were depicted, to ensure that the design was gender-sensitive.

Next step

The GHAC continues to carve out the significance of its role and is increasingly sought out to provide direction and insight on several initiatives that take place within National Division. In this vein, the committee also continues to raise awareness about its role and responsibilities to support the way forward pertaining to issues surrounding gender, inclusivity, equality and harassment.


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