2021 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - H Division


  • Meeting held on 2020-02-25


  • Combining the work of the GHAC committee into the "Vision 150" ("Our People")
  • Inviting "subject matter experts" to present to the committee on their areas of expertise
  • Having GHAC members participate in "Town Hall" events throughout H division
  • Adding information about the H division GHAC added to the H division Info web page

Current Status

  • The committee is awaiting a response from the National GHAC with regard to the recommendations that the committee put forward in 2018.

Next Steps

  • A/Comm. Bergerman will assign "champions" for Vision 150
  • A/Comm. Bergerman will consider combining the Women's Advisory Committee with the GHAC given the similarities in the work of both committees


  • Feedback from NGHAC is required in order for the 'H' division GHAC to expand on the original recommendations submitted in 2018
  • The three-year term for all committee members (with the exception of one employee and A/Comm. Bergerman), expires at the end of December 2020, and so NGHAC will need to appoint new employees before quorum can be met for future meetings
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