2021 Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee Annual Report - National Division


The ND GHAC did not conduct meetings during 2020 due to the following:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic affected administrative functions within ND, primarily because of the need for physical distancing.
  • National Headquarters (NHQ) and ND amalgamated the GHACs and the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committees, into the newly created NCR Diversity and Equity Committee.


Current objectives

  • Given the direct relationship between a positive organizational culture and the prevalence of gender, inclusivity, equality and harassment issues, GHAC determined that their overarching mandate is to improve the organizational culture by fostering a respectful workplace. A respectful workplace premised on advancing the GHAC mandate.
  • The GHAC would play an important role within the newly formalized National Division's Health and Wellness program.

Current Status

Strategic Planning

The Division developed a three year strategic plan entitled, "National Division Strategy – 2020 and Beyond". The following highlights address GHAC objectives:

  • ND fully recognizes that greater diversity will better support the delivery of current and future objectives. Unequivocally, diversity in the workplace gives the Division a much broader perspective and offers important insights and people opportunities for innovation in carrying out its mission.
  • ND undertook a unique project purposed to create a multi-year strategy. This was focused on supporting the overall organizational commitment to our people and to ensure that, collectively, we are actively contributing to a healthy and psychologically safe environment. Targeted strategic objectives will be advanced in this 3-year strategic plan and onward.

Examples of Division Strategy – 2020 and Beyond:

  • Foster diversity and excellence by adopting a differentiated and modernized approach to recruitment that promotes our distinct and unique working environment and culture.
  • Foster a proactive and modern approach that promotes and enhances health and wellness
  • Encourage a supportive and inclusive workplace culture, which includes breaking barriers to help, actual or perceived, while fostering an open dialogue and positive relationships that support respect, empathy, diversity, camaraderie and openness.

The Commanding Officer highlighted the importance of a respectful workplace through e-messaging:

  • February 26 – promoted "United over Kindness – Pink Shirt Day. This global effort is to unite and celebrate kindness while taking a stand against bulling and discrimination.
  • June 02 – discussed the 50th anniversary of LGBTQ2+ Pride traditions/ Pride Month.
  • June 03 – promoted the need for respect, equality, and inclusion.
  • June 09 – promoted Pride Month
  • June 15 – shared that RCMP core values include equity, equality and inclusivity.
  • June 19 – promoted the National Indigenous Peoples Day.
  • June 24 – shared concerns expressed through the employee suggestion box, specifically relating to discrimination and racism.
  • August 27 - promoted Public Service Pride Week as well as the Capital Pride website.
  • November 12 – discussed the ND's plan and the need to contribute to a respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace culture that is responsive to the wellness of all employees.
  • November 18 – promoted the RCMP's Workplace Violence and Harassment Survey.
  • December 16 – discussed the apology from the Canadian Association of Chef's of Police to the 2SLGBTQ+ Community, and expressed support for a gender-inclusive workplace.

ND and NHQ provided and/or promoted courses addressing diversity issues, such as:

  • KAIROS Blanket Exercise - a learning activity delivered through a role-play
  • Aboriginal and First Nations Awareness course
  • Cultural Awareness and Humility course

The Division took steps to formalize the Health and Wellness Unit by creating the following positions; Peer Support Program Coordinator, Peer to Peer Support, Health and Wellness Analyst, and Health and Wellness Administrator. HR actions are ongoing. Prior to these steps, the Peer-to-Peer Coordinator was already providing support to victims (all employment categories) of harassment and providing guidance to a network of Peer-to-Peer support volunteers around the ND. This unit will play a key role in advancing initiatives and providing support to employees.

Next Steps

The ND GHAC amalgamated with the newly created NCR Diversity and Equity Committee. As Chairs (A/Commr Chapman and DG Panizzon), explored options to hold virtual meetings, the members had the opportunity to share ideas relative to the new committee. They decided to continue the work, currently underway, to promote inclusivity, equality, and a respectful workplace. This will include:

  • "Guarding Minds at Work" Survey
  • National Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy Action Plan
  • Regular messaging to employees
  • Promotion of the new mandatory course – "Cultural Awareness and Humility"
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