Chief Superintendent Mike Lokken becomes 60th Commanding Officer of RCMP Depot Division

January 23, 2024
Regina, Saskatchewan

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A RCMP officer in blue tunic walks down a street in front of a red brick building.
C/Supt. Lokken in a white RCMP shirt addresses senior cadets.
The Depot Division Ensign which is a flag that features cavalry swords and the lamp of knowledge on a red background.

Today, RCMP Depot Division officially welcomed Chief Superintendent (C/Supt.) Mike Lokken as their new Commanding Officer. This welcome took place at a Change of Command Ceremony in Regina.

This was an opportunity for the division, and community at large, to bid farewell to the outgoing Commanding Officer, C/Supt. Sylvie Bourassa-Muise. Today's event was the formal handover of authority from C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise. RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme, local government officials and representatives from the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations were in attendance. Representatives from municipal police forces and 15 Wing Moose Jaw also attended.

The event included a parade with a ceremonial troop, cadet troops and an Ensign party. Commissioner Duheme turned the reins over to C/Supt. Lokken with the symbolic signing of parchments. The divisional Ensign was also handed by C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise.

C/Supt. Lokken brings a wealth of operational knowledge to the division. Throughout his career, he has worked in a variety of units and communities. C/Supt. Lokken holds a Diploma in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement from Lethbridge College and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Great Falls, Montana.

C/Supt. Lokken's earlier postings include communities in Manitoba, Nunavut, Alberta and now Saskatchewan. He has worked collaboratively with Indigenous communities, with a focus on building relationships. He has worked in units including Professional Standards in Edmonton, Alberta and the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. In 2011, he was the non-commissioned officer in charge of the Integrated Northern Alberta Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit.

In 2018, he was commissioned to the rank of Inspector, serving as Detachment Commander in Parkland Detachment, in Alberta. In 2022, after promoting to Superintendent, he accepted the role as Depot's Training Officer.

In his new role as commanding officer, C/Supt. Lokken looks forward to advancing modernization goals. He has other priorities, such as supporting employee wellness and diversity initiatives. He also wants to enhance official language ability by creating more bilingual positions at Depot and better access to language training in English and French.

C/Supt. Lokken's key focus at the outset of 2024 is increasing the number of graduates from the RCMP Academy. He is committed to taking actions that support the quality education and training that Depot is known for.


"As Commanding Officer of Depot Division, I humbly accept this most significant role at such a pivotal time in our history. Depot is the oldest division in the RCMP and the foundation of learning, a foundation of culture, and the foundation of the future of the RCMP. The modernization actions we are taking now and will continue to take, will contribute to building an even more effective, healthy and inclusive RCMP into the future."

Chief Superintendent Mike Lokken, Commanding Officer Depot Division


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Since 1885, the RCMP Academy, Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan has been training members of our national police force. All cadets of the RCMP undergo their initial Basic Training at Depot, which also provides training to various national and international law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

The Change of Command Ceremony provides an opportunity for the divisional membership of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as well as the community at large, to bid farewell to their Commanding Officer. It also allows for the welcoming of a new Commanding Officer for the Division.

About the Depot Division Ensign

An ensign is a regiment's distinguishing flag. In April 1991, the Chief Herald of Canada assigned an ensign to the RCMP, as well as separate ensigns for each division. In 1992, then Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn officially presented them to the RCMP.

The upper left part of the ensign, known as the canton, is royal blue. Inside the canton is the RCMP badge. A thick yellow line borders the canton on the bottom and right sides. The remaining area of the ensign, the field, is deep scarlet.

The Depot Division Ensign consists of crossed cavalry swords and a lamp of learning. The swords stand for our organization's cavalry lineage and the skills needed to be an officer. The lamp of learning symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

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