Improve accountability, transparency and conduct

No one is above the law, including those who are sworn to uphold it. The RCMP is committed to having in place a fair, transparent, effective and modern system that addresses the conduct of our employees. We will ensure that employees are held to account and the consequences are meaningful and rehabilitative.

As part of our modernization plan, we have committed to respond more efficiently to concerns and complaints, to be more open and transparent with our information, and to be accountable for our actions always.

Collaborate with management advisory board for the RCMP

Work with the independent Management Advisory Board on key modernization and management issues.

Disclose police information on a routine basis

Disclose police information on use of force, calls for service and diversity statistics to build trust and increase transparency.

Enhance RCMP leadership culture

Use character leadership training to improve recruitment, training and promotion processes.

Equip RCMP officers with body worn cameras

Equip all RCMP officers with body-worn cameras while on duty to improve public transparency and accountability.

Improve transparent oversight of serious incidents

Ensure investigations of RCMP employees involved in serious incidents are transparent and fair.

Review the RCMP's conduct measures

Ensure fair, transparent and effective conduct measures.

Seek out alternative policing approaches that address local needs and integrate community, health and social services

Develop solutions that reflect local priorities and support community-led safety models.

Shorten response times in public complaints process

Shorten response times for public complaints to maintain open communication and transparency.

Update RCMP core values statement

Update core values to reflect a modern Canada.

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