Support modern policing

As the environment in which police operate is continually changing, the tools, techniques and technology that the RCMP uses must evolve as well. To deliver high quality and effective policing, the RCMP must continually adapt to the changing demands and characteristics of the communities we serve and ensure our officers have the training and equipment they need.

Improve RCMP uniform and equipment

Make uniforms more effective, inclusive and suitable to a diverse workforce.

Increase use of Gender-Based Analysis (GBA) Plus across the RCMP

Apply a Gender-based Analysis Plus approach to make a better work environment for everyone.

Modernize training for new cadets

Update the Cadet Training Program to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the training environment.

Prioritize full implementation of the RCMP Employee Well-being Strategy

Support the health and well-being of all employees.

Roll out new Digital Policing Strategy

Equip the RCMP with the right tools and technologies for policing in the digital era.

Update the RCMP's crisis intervention and de-escalation tools and training

Improve crisis intervention and de-escalation training to reflect best practices and reduce the number of occasions where force is used.

Utilize diverse civilian expertise in criminal investigations

Recruit and train more expert civilian employees with specialized skills that support criminal investigations.

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