Criminal records

The RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) maintains the national database of criminal records in Canada. Local police and other authorities across Canada contact CCRTIS to check the fingerprint records of people who have been charged or convicted of a crime. The database is also used for civil (non-criminal) purposes, specifically to confirm a person's identity in criminal record checks. For general information about CCRTIS, please contact us.

Criminal record checks

Find out where to get a criminal record check, types of checks, the steps involved, and processing times and fees.

Managing criminal records

Find out how CCRTIS manages criminal record information, about record suspensions, absolute and conditional discharges, youth records and non-conviction information.

For police

Police agencies can find advisories and policies related to criminal records.

For businesses

Businesses can find out about certification and accreditation in providing electronic fingerprinting services.

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