Disclosure of wrongdoing under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA) 2017-2018

Description of wrongdoing

A disclosure under the PSDPA raised three allegations about an Information Management/Information Technology contract, namely that a contract had been backdated, which resulted in overpayment of an invoice and overpayment of interest.

Action taken

A thorough investigation revealed that the allegations were not substantiated. There were invoice processing issues that resulted in minor overpayments of interest, but did not result in overpayment over the life of the contract and did not constitute wrongdoing. However, another issue identified by the investigator resulted in the Authorized Chief Executive concluding there was a wrongdoing. Specifically, it was determined there was gross mismanagement under section 8(c) of the PSDPA, as amendments were used to extend the contract numerous months past expiry with significant public funds expended without benefit of the competitive contracting process. It was determined the wrongdoing was the result of systemic issues. Due to the number of employees involved in the management of the contracting and procurement processes there was a diffusion of responsibility. No employee profited as a result of the contract extensions and the RCMP received value for money in terms of the services that were provided.


The investigation resulted in recommendations for remedial action being made to the Authorized Chief Executive.

Corrective action

The RCMP has taken steps to ensure there is an adequate system for coordinating, tracking, and renewing contracts on a timely basis and that interest on overdue accounts is paid in accordance with contract terms and conditions. Employees have received remedial training regarding contracting and procurement practices. These steps are subject to monitoring by the Authorized Chief Executive and Senior Officer.

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