LifeSpeak is a free, 100% confidential service for all RCMP employees and their families. It offers hundreds of short videos and "ask the expert" webchats on a variety of topics, including relationships, mental health, physical health, finances and more.

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LifeSpeak is excited to invite you to discover the all new LifeSpeak 5.0! Find all the same great content that you know and love – LifeSpeak has made it easier to use with an even better user experience. Check out your new LifeSpeak platform now!

How to access LifeSpeak

You and your family can access LifeSpeak services from any computer, tablet or personal smartphone – anytime, anywhere.

Please use your personal devices to access LifeSpeak, when possible.


  1. Visit LifeSpeak
  2. Enter Access ID "canada"
  3. Type "Royal Canadian Mounted Police" in the text box and click "submit"

LifeSpeak mobile application

Always on the go? Take LifeSpeak with you. Download the free LifeSpeak app from the App Store or Google Play using the client name / password / group account password: canada

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Expert blog New

Every week, brand-new content from leading experts is released on their website in fresh new formats, such as Top Ten Lists, Infographics, Short videos, Blog posts, Q&A sessions, and more.

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