RCMP’s Disability Management and Accommodation Program

Under the RCMP's Disability Management and Accommodation Program, ill or injured members (regular members, civilian members and special constables) are supported through early intervention, proactive disability case management, sick leave benefits, return-to-work planning, and workplace accommodation.

What is proactive disability case management

RCMP health professionals and Disability Management Advisors (DMAs) work together to provide guidance and support to both members and supervisors. Specifically, they work together to:

  • determine if a member is fit to safely perform their duties at work
  • provide support for recovery
  • identify a member's functional limitations and restrictions (what they can and can't do in the workplace) to help the RCMP meet its duty to accommodate
  • facilitate a safe and timely return to work and/or workplace accommodation

What is workplace accommodation

Workplace accommodation means adapting work duties and adjusting the work environment so that all employees can participate fully in the workplace as per the Canadian Human Rights Act. Accommodations are different for each person and are based on the circumstances of each case. Please talk to your supervisor if you would like more information about a workplace accommodation.

If you are an ill or injured member and cannot attend work

  1. Contact your supervisor as soon as possible to report your sick leave absence, all workplace incidents, illnesses or injuries in which you were involved, and when you require a health-related workplace accommodation.
  2. Your supervisor will then inform your divisional Health Services. This referral to Health Services for disability case management is required when:

    • you are away sick from the workplace for more than 40 consecutive work hours
    • you require medical attention due to a work-related illness or injury
    • you require a workplace accommodation for medical reasons
  3. A DMA will contact you within 5 working days of your supervisor contacting Health Services. Then, an RCMP health professional will contact you within 5 working days after the DMA. Both professionals will share important information about the RCMP's disability case management process, how you can be supported, and provide any forms you may need to have completed.

Your responsibilities while on sick leave

If you need to be off work for health reasons, you need to:

  • inform your supervisor as soon as possible and let them know when you'll likely be able to return to work
  • have your medical practitioner complete an Attending Physician's Statement (see below)
  • advise if your illness or injury is work-related and take part in determining if your illness or injury is work-related in order to access specific benefits
  • maintain contact with your supervisor and DMA
  • attend all medical or treatment appointments
  • follow your community health-care provider's directions
  • update the Health Services about any changes to your health
  • take part in return-to-work/accommodation planning

Attending Physician's Statement New process

Health Services will ask you to complete an Attending Physician's Statement (Form 4056). The RCMP health professionals will use the information to assess your fitness for duty and to support your request for sick leave, make your return-to-work plan and/or your workplace accommodation plan.

  1. You'll need to bring the Attending Physician's Statement (4056) to your medical practitioner Footnote 1 for completion.
  2. Once completed, return the form to Health Services.
  3. If you can't return the form within 10 days of the onset of your illness or injury, reach out to your DMA.


Your medical diagnosis and treatment are confidential. At no time are you required to share this information with your supervisor.

2135 Medical Absence Certificate

Effective June 25, 2021, the form 2135 Medical Certificate is now a Medical Absence Certificate.

This form is not required by Health Services if you are unable to work due to health reasons and will no longer be requested by Health Services.

The form can be used at management's discretion if they require additional absence validation for a medical reason.


The completion of this form does not require and should not contain medical information.


For more information about the Disability Management and Accommodation Program, please reach out to your supervisor or your divisional Occupational Health Services office at:

B Division
C Division
D Division
E Division
F Division
H Division
National Headquarters
J Division
K Division
L Division
O Division

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