Good character

As a police officer, you will have a significant role in building and maintaining the public trust. You must uphold the highest ethical standards, both on- and off-duty.

To apply

To apply as a police officer, you:

  • Must not have any matters pending or before a criminal court
  • Must not have been convicted of a criminal offence for which you haven't received a pardon/records suspension
  • Must not have participated in any serious criminal behaviour or activity
    • Whether you were arrested and/or charged or not
  • Must not have participated in any criminal behaviour or activity within at least one year of the date of application
    • Whether you were arrested and/or charged or not
  • Must not have been dishonourably discharged or dismissed including released for misconduct, from another police, military, or law enforcement organization
  • Must not have any pending and/or current personal bankruptcies or consumer proposals

During the application process

During the application process, you:

  • Must not participate in any criminal behaviour or activity in Canada or abroad
    • Whether you are arrested and/or charged or not
  • Must not cheat on any portion of the RCMP application process
    • Including using counter-measures during the polygraph examination

Examples of criminal behaviours and activities

Examples of serious criminal offences include, but are not limited to:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Sexual assault
  • Production or distribution of child pornography
  • Sexual exploitation, violence, abuse or neglect towards children and/or vulnerable adults
  • Terrorist activities
  • Participation with any organized criminal group
  • Benefiting from the trafficking, importing, unlawful manufacturing or unlawful cultivating of illegal drugs
  • Arson resulting in loss of life or substantial damage
  • Forcible confinement
  • Robbery
  • Any crime committed with a facial covering and/or weapon

Criminal behaviours and activities include, but are not limited to:

  • illicit drug use (including non-medical prescription/steroids use)
  • theft
  • prostitution
  • solicitation for the purpose of prostitution
  • assault
  • impaired driving

Evaluating your past actions

For all past actions, some of the things we consider in determining suitability are:

  • How serious was it?
  • How often did you behave this way?
  • What were the circumstances?
  • What was your intent?
  • Do you regret it?
  • How much time has passed since this behaviour occurred, or when the offence was committed?
  • How old were you at the time?
  • How have you behaved since that time, or since the time of the last incident?

No matter how well qualified, if you can't be trusted to carry out your tasks honestly and reliably, you will not be hired.

Do you have what it takes to be a police officer? Find out how to apply now.

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