Graduated approach proving successful in training resumption at RCMP Academy

August 27, 2020
Regina, Saskatchewan

News release

Training resumed on June 12, 2020 at RCMP Academy, Depot Division, after the initial shutdown in March due to COVID-19.

The first troop of Cadets to resume training arrived at the Academy in late May, where they underwent a mandatory 14-day isolation period. Depot is pleased to share that since the resumption of training, three troops have graduated and 78 new constables have been posted in communities across Canada.

Based on consultations with national, provincial and RCMP health officials, the RCMP Academy has taken a graduated approach to phase in troops and have integrated changes to accommodate new safety measures for both cadets and Depot staff. These include screening measures upon arrival, physical distancing and incorporation of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) into the regular training environment. Depot Division remains closed to visitors, with staff who are not critical to training working from home.

The Academy continues to phase in troops gradually with the goal of maximizing training. Changes have been made and continue to evolve with respect to the training program as well as the facilities to accommodate for current protective measures. "This is a very fluid situation that is being assessed continually. The graduated approach to training allows for the appropriate monitoring as we endeavour to introduce more troops. The safety of cadets and staff is paramount in determining the optimal number of troops on base." states A/Commr. Jas Breton, Commanding Officer, Depot Division.

During the month of July, several more troops who had their training interrupted in March have been brought back to resume training. Currently, eight troops are in training and one is in the process of self-isolating before being re-inserted back into the training environment.

The RCMP continues to adapt to the ever-changing environment with the challenges presented by COVID-19 and move ahead in a manner that prioritizes the health and well-being of cadets and employees. Depot Division remains committed to the training of new regular members to keep our streets and communities safe.


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