Update: RCMP Academy’s response to COVID-19

March 20, 2020
Regina, Saskatchewan

News release

As of 1:30 pm, March 20, there are no presumptive or confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the RCMP Academy.

RCMP Depot Division continues to work closely with provincial and national health agencies to monitor and respond to the situation.

The primacy of operations, and the safety of the public and our employees are our primary concerns.

In addition to suspending all public events, the RCMP Academy is taking, or has taken, the following measures.

At 4:30 pm on Thursday, March 19, most training at Depot ceased.

One troop, which has finished their training, will graduate as scheduled on Monday, March 23. The ceremonies will be closed to all visitors, including family. There will be no family orientation, chapel service or banquet.

Three more troops will complete their training and graduate over the next week under the same conditions. Their training schedules have been modified to permit this. This will enable the RCMP to deploy over 120 new police officers to front line operations across Canada.

All remaining troops are being sent home and a departure plan based on the availability of flights and other transport is now being implemented.

All incoming troops have been postponed.

Training will resume once cleared to do so by provincial and national health agencies.

Regular Members on staff who are deemed fit for duty may be re-deployed to front line duties in Saskatchewan or anywhere in Canada where they may be required.

It is too early to announce when public events may be re-scheduled. Depot Division looks forward to continuing with all public events when circumstances permit.


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