Cash returned, more cash found

December 8, 2021
Whitehorse, Yukon

News release

Early in November, a media release from Whitehorse RCMP noted that police hoped to return a significant amount of cash to its rightful owner, after an honest citizen turned it into police. That money was returned when the owner was able to provide details about where and when it was located.

Now, Whitehorse RCMP is again attempting to return lost money to its owner.

During the last week of November, another honest citizen turned in a large amount of cash located inside a Whitehorse business. Police want to return this money to whoever lost it as well, and encourage the person who lost it to contact Whitehorse RCMP.

Cst. Sam Anderson of the Whitehorse RCMP hopes that others carrying significant amounts of cash will take steps to prevent loss.

"The safest way to transfer large amounts of money is through your bank, either via secure e-transfer or with the help of a teller," says Cst. Anderson. "If you have to carry cash, put it into a secure pocket with a zipper, split it up into smaller amounts in different bags or pockets so you don't lose all of it, and avoid repeatedly touching or checking on cash you are carrying."

The rightful owner of this cash must be able to provide information about the building where the money was found, the amount of money (including denominations), and what date it was lost. Please contact Whitehorse RCMP and reference file number 2021-1654315.


Contact information

Cst. C. McCann
Whitehorse RCMP
4100 4th Avenue, Whitehorse, YT

File number: 2021-1654315

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