Chief Superintendent Sylvie Bourassa-Muise becomes 59th Commanding Officer, Depot Division

June 11, 2021
Regina, Saskatchewan

News release

Today, the RCMP officially welcomed Chief Superintendent Sylvie Bourassa-Muise as the Commanding Officer, RCMP Depot Division, which includes the RCMP Academy.

A change of command is a symbolic event and given the pandemic, this year it was held virtually. The handover of command of Depot Division included the signing of command parchments and the transfer of the Depot Division ensign from outgoing Commanding Officer, Assistant Commissioner Jasmin Breton. Both Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Assistant Commissioner Breton joined in from National Headquarters in Ottawa.

Throughout her career spanning 34 years, C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise has served in various capacities and in multiple locations, including Nova Scotia, Ottawa and Regina. She has extensive experience in investigation, protective policing, incident command and even employment law and internal security. She enjoys the diversity of national and international opportunities and prides herself of having remained operational throughout all her service and has fulfilled duties in many countries.

C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise is action oriented and identified several priorities. These include continuing work around mental health, advancing reconciliation and embracing diversity. She is committed that Depot Division continues to modernize and thrive.

Understanding there are many voices that need to be heard, C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise regularly meets with the Commanding Officer's Committees. These include the Indigenous Advisory Committee, Employee Advisory Committee, and the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. "Sustainable, meaningful change takes action. I want to ensure the RCMP Academy is inclusive of our diversity, our people and our communities and want to make sure that anyone who enters Depot can see a part of themselves represented." C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise, Commanding Officer, Depot Division.

As part of the RCMP's modernizing efforts, C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise is a proponent of the RCMP core values, with a focus on character-based leadership. This grassroots movement embraces humanity and humility, allows for good decision making and fosters the disposition to lead. "Cadets today become our colleagues tomorrow. At Depot, we are not only training cadets to be good police officers to serve our communities, but giving them tools and knowledge that support continual development of character, resiliency and humility throughout their careers." C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise, Commanding Officer, Depot Division.

As the 150th Anniversary of the RCMP approaches, C/Supt. Bourassa-Muise looks forward to building strong relationships with partners, stakeholders, cadets and employees of the division, as well as the community. An important aspect of this will be reintroducing the public to Depot after the pandemic, something the division has missed greatly over the last year.

Depot Division invites you to witness history in the making by viewing the first virtual Change of Command Ceremony. The online ceremony can be viewed on the Depot Division YouTube Channel.


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Since 1885, the RCMP Academy, Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan has been training members of our national police force. All cadets of the RCMP undergo their initial Basic Training at Depot, which also provides training to various national and international law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

The Change of Command Ceremony provides an opportunity for the divisional membership of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as well as the community at large, to bid farewell to their Commanding Officer. It also allows for the welcoming of a new Commanding Officer for the Division.

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