RCMP-RNC Integrated Internet Child Exploitation Team educates public on various forms of child pornography

December 7, 2021
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

News release

Content warning: The following post includes information related to child pornography that may be triggering for some followers.

Child pornography is most commonly associated with sexual images or videos of children. The RCMP-RNC Integrated Internet Child Exploitation (IICE) Team is informing the public that child pornography comes in many forms, all of which are illegal.

Many forms of child pornography may not be readily apparent to the average individual. Such forms include the written word (erotic poems or stories), audio recordings, visual representations (anime, drawings, child sex dolls), as well as using technology to input the image of a child's face on an image of a nude adult body. In 2021, RCMP-RNC IICE investigated an incident involving audio recordings. An individual left a voice recording on a chat line, advocating sexual activity with a fictional person under the age of 18 years. As a result of the investigation, an individual was charged with Transmitting Child Pornography, was convicted of the crime and received a jail sentence.

Police remind the general public that child pornography, in all of its forms, is both illegal and harmful to children everywhere. The RCMP-RNC IICE Team remains dedicated to the protection of children from all forms of child pornography, as well as child sex-related offences.

If you know someone who is the victim of a child sex-related offence, please report this crime to your local police detachment.


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