A Royal Occasion: A Contingent of the RCMP heads to Windsor Castle

May 6, 2022
Ottawa, Ontario

News release

On May 7, 2022, in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee this year, 5 members of the world-famous Musical Ride, along with a former Musical Ride Riding Master, will be travelling to Windsor Castle to take part in Platinum Jubilee festivities – A Gallop Through History–in a ceremonial capacity.

Her Majesty The Queen shares many special connections to the RCMP, including holding the honorary title of Commissioner-in-Chief of the RCMP since 2012. Her Majesty and the RCMP have shared a strong link over the years through the unique and long tradition of gifting horses, which dates back to 1969 when she was gifted the Musical Ride horse Burmese, which is her favourite.

Her Majesty personally requested the presence of the Musical Ride in recognition of the long-standing relationship between The Queen and the RCMP. The events are scheduled to take place from May 12 to 15, during which the members will ride in various ceremonial duties on former Musical Ride horses that were previously gifted to The Queen.


"The RCMP and Royal Family have enjoyed a strong connection for many decades. We are extremely honoured that Her Majesty personally requested the Musical Ride's participation in this historic event, in recognition of our long-standing relationship and look forward to celebrating 70 years of Her Majesty's Reign."

Brenda Lucki, Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

"The Musical Ride is entrenched in Canadian heritage and identity. I, along with the other five members of the contingent selected to travel to participate in this joyous occasion, are honoured and proud to be representing Canada and the RCMP on this international stage."

Superintendent. Kevin Fahey, Officer in Charge of the Musical Ride and Heritage Branch, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Quick facts

  • The relationship between the RCMP and the Royal Family dates back to 1904, when King Edward VII bestowed the title of Royal on the North-West Mounted Police, making it the Royal North-West Mounted Police.
  • Since then, the organization—the Musical Ride, in particular—has shared a special bond with the Royal Family, specifically Her Majesty.
  • The RCMP has had a direct and personal link to The Queen as our Commissioner-in-Chief and former Honorary Commissioner, and this special bond has been celebrated through the mutual giving and receiving of horses as gifts, which began in 1969 with Burmese.
  • During Her Majesty's reign, the RCMP has presented The Queen with eight horses in total: Burmese (1969), Centenial (1973), James (1998), George (2009), Elizabeth (2012), Sir John (2016), and Kluane and Darby (2019).
  • All horses gifted to The Queen have been bred, born and raised at the RCMP Breeding Farm and trained by the RCMP, with the exception of Burmese who was born and bred at the Fort Walsh Remount Branch.
  • A Gallop Through History is described as 'a spectacle of more than 500 horses and 1300 performers [creating] a 90-minute piece of spellbinding arena theatre that will include actors and artists, musicians, international military displays from the Commonwealth, Europe and [British] Armed Forces, dancers and global equestrian displays.'

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