RCMP Traffic Services Central seizes six uninsured vehicles in one day

January 18, 2023
Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador

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A picture is taken from inside a police vehicle on a cloudy day. A radar set is mounted on the dash of the patrol car. Outside and in front of the police vehicle, a white car is being loaded onto a tow truck.
An unmarked police car is parked on the side of a municipal road on a cloudy day. In front of the police vehicle, a SUV is loaded onto a tow truck.

Six uninsured vehicles were seized earlier this month by RCMP Traffic Services Central during one day of enforcement. Traffic stops were conducted in Grand Falls-Windsor and Botwood.

Of the six drivers stopped, who were between 22-55 years of age, five were stopped on various streets in Grand Falls-Windsor and one on a residential street in Botwood. In addition to not having insurance, four of these drivers were also operating a vehicle with expired registration and two were operating a vehicle without a valid driver's licence.

RCMP Traffic Services Central remains dedicated to road safety and the enforcement of the Highway Traffic Act. Drivers are required to follow the rules of the road and to familiarize themselves with the provincial legislation. More information on the Highway Traffic Act can be found here:



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