Celebrating the RCMP’s 150th Anniversary at Depot

May 23, 2023
Regina, Saskatchewan

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The CO of Depot and other Regular Members listen as Mayor Sandra Masters reads a flag proclamation.
RCMP and Canadian flags are seen flying on the Albert Street Memorial Bridge with the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in the background.
Cadets and staff march in a special SM's parade. Cadets are holding drums and RCMP 150 banners can be seen in the background.
Cadets and staff march in a special SM's parade. Staff can be seen looking on in the distance.

It was a great day at Depot and across the RCMP. Today, the RCMP officially marked its 150th anniversary! We are an organization with a rich history, traditions and culture, and are proud of our accomplishments. We acknowledge the mistakes of our past, and are using them to drive positive change for the future.

Cadets, RCMP members, civilian members and public service employees make up the diverse community at Depot. Located in the Queen City, Depot proudly calls the city of Regina home. The RCMP Academy acknowledges the support from the community and is grateful to have the anniversary recognized locally.

Municipal leaders and a group of Depot staff came together this morning at a flag raising ceremony at City Hall. The RCMP Corps Ensign flag will be on display in the City Hall Courtyard for the day. Additionally, RCMP, Depot and F Division ensigns will be flown on the Albert Street Memorial Bridge for the remainder of the week.

The division commemorated the important day with some events for staff and cadets. There was cake and a special Sergeant Major's parade. This day was also marked with the first public tour of the grounds since before the pandemic. A big thank you to the RCMP Heritage Centre for their partnership on this initiative. We look forward to when these tours become a daily occurrence this summer.

RCMP 150 celebrations are planned throughout the remainder of the year. For more information about upcoming events at the RCMP Academy, visit our website.


As the training and oldest division in the RCMP, Depot is the place that connects almost all Mounties. It's here that cadets complete the Cadet Training Program (CTP). With 150 years of experience behind the RCMP, it's our chance to show what we're made of and how we've grown and continue to learn. We look forward to welcoming the community to Depot throughout the year to celebrate with us.

Chief Superintendent Sylvie Bourassa-Muise, Commanding Officer, Depot Division










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