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January 17, 2023
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

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Please note all information below occurred within the time period above, unless otherwise noted.

Saskatchewan RCMP - Your Provincial Police Service

No text, notification or selfie is worth endangering your life, or the lives of your passengers or others on the road.

It seems that's one message some people still aren't receiving. In the month of December, Saskatchewan RCMP officers ticketed 275 people for using electronic communications equipment while driving, Section 241.1(2) Traffic Safety Act.

"Cell phone use while driving continues to be a significant safety concern and the number of tickets we issued in December is proof of that," says S/Sgt. Jason Sauve from Saskatchewan RCMP Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan. "Distracted driving can be deadly. We're urging drivers who continue to talk, text and interact with their phones while behind the wheel to think of the risk. Is it really worth it to return that message, or check that Facebook notification?"

Saskatchewan RCMP encourages drivers to:

  • Turn your phone to silent and keep it out of reach while driving. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind and you'll be less likely to be distracted by it.
  • If you're using your phone for GPS, set it up so it's displayed on your dashboard monitor – before you put your vehicle into drive.
  • If you need to make a call or send a text, pull over to a safe area, put your vehicle into park and then proceed.
  • If you're using handsfree-devices, be aware that even pressing dashboard buttons or having a conversation can distract you from the task at hand: safe driving. It's particularly important to give driving your full attention in poor road conditions, heavy traffic or in school zones.

Not only is using your phone while driving dangerous, you can also face significant fines. Visit SGI for more details:

Investigative Recap

January 11: Pierceland RCMP request to locate vehicle with occupants considered to be armed and dangerous

January 11: Warman RCMP request assistance in locating truck involved in an attempted abduction

January 13: Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crimes investigating death of a 34-year-old male in Pelican Narrows

January 13: Yorkton RCMP seize illicit drugs, charge occupants after report of vehicle in ditch

January 13: At approximately 11 p.m., Estevan RCMP responded to the report of a three-vehicle collision on Highway #47, north of Estevan. Initial investigation determined a vehicle was travelling southbound, when an adult male passenger attempted to gain control of the vehicle, causing it to stop in the middle of the road. A second vehicle, with one lone occupant, collided with the first vehicle. The adult male – who was injured as a result of the collision -- then assaulted and attempted to rob the driver of the second vehicle. The driver was treated at the hospital with injuries described as serious but non-life-threatening.

The male then armed himself with a shovel and made several attempts to stop and steal other passing vehicles. He climbed in the passenger window of one of the vehicles, which ended up in the ditch. Officers arrived on scene and told the male he was under arrest. The male did not comply and rushed at one of the officers and attempted to pull their conducted energy device from their uniform. Another officer deployed their conducted energy device. The male continued to resist and attempted to assault the officers, but was arrested a short time later. He was taken to hospital for treatment of the injuries sustained in the collision.

Highway #47 was closed for approximately two hours for initial response and investigation. As a result of continued investigation, 19-year-old Justice Guillas from Ste Marie, MB is charged with:

  • four counts, assault with intent to steal, Section 344(1)(b), Criminal Code;
  • three counts, assault, Section 266, Criminal Code;
  • one count, resist arrest, Section 129(a), Criminal Code;
  • one count, disarming a police officer, Section 270.1(1), Criminal Code;
  • two counts, mischief under $5,000, Section 430(3), Criminal Code; and
  • one count, fail to comply with release order condition, Section 145(5)(a), Criminal Code.

He is scheduled to appear in Estevan Provincial Court on January 16, 2023.

Incidents in Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction from January 9 to 15, 2023

Please note: the statistics below are representative of reports received within the Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction. They are from the RCMP records management system and are accurate as the day they are collected. Crime statistics are regularly updated due to changes in reporting procedures, changes in ongoing investigations, etc. As a result, the statistics below may differ from previous or future published reports.

Divisional Operational Communications Centre (does not include calls for service by the public directly to local RCMP detachments)

Calls for service total 5937
Highest volume of calls for service was on January 14, 2023 1137
Reports of Impaired Drivers (RID calls) 54
Persons Offences (number of incidents, not victims)
Homicide 1
Homicides year to date (January, 2023 to last day encompassed in this report) 1
Sexual assaults 17
Sexual crime - other (invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference) 10
Aggravated Assault 4
Assault 162
Assault with weapon or cauing bodily harm 48
Robbery 7
Firearms (use of in the commission of an offence, discharge with intent, pointing a firearm) 4
Kidnapping/forcible confinement 1
Harassment/uttering threats 116
Other persons offences (domestic or family dispute, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, extortion with firearm, mischief – danger to life, etc.) 18
Property Offences
Break and Enter Total 79
Number of break and enters to a business 14
Number of break and enters to a residence 45
Number of other break and enters (encompasses sheds, storage containers, unattached garages, etc.) 19
Theft Total 160
Other theft over $5,000 21
Theft $5,000 or under 105
Number of theft of motor vehicle 34
Mischief 480
Number of mischief - damage to property 73
Number of mischief - obstruct enjoyment of property (example: unwanted, intoxicated person at a residence) 407

Other Criminal Code Offences

Bail violations 126
Breach of probation 35
Failure to appear 16
Disturbing the peace 147

Reports of intimate partner and family violence

  • Time period reported is quarterly.
  • Data represents number of victims, as there may be more than one victim on a specific investigative file. An individual victimized more than once in a timeframe would be counted more than once. Due to common relationship types in intimate and family violence categories, totals should not be combined.
  • Intimate partner refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), current and former dating partner, or someone with whom the victim was in another type of intimate relationship.
  • Family violence refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), parents (biological, step, adoptive and foster), children (biological, step, adopted and foster), siblings (biological, step, half, adopted and foster) and extended family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and in-laws).
July 2022
Intimate partner violence 421
Family violence 438
August 2022
Intimate partner violence 385
Family violence 389
September 2022
Intimate partner violence 347
Family violence 361
Total intimate partner violence July-September, 2022 1153
Total family violence July-September, 2022 1188
Impaired-related offences 85
Number of roadside suspensions 5
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle 15
Speeding (this does not include automated speed enforcement fines issued) 1094
Fines issued 595
Warnings issued (education-focused interaction between police and public) 499
Collisions 196
Dangerous driving 2
Fatal collisions (number of incidents, not victims) 0

Non-offence Codes (generally, instances where Criminal Codes or Provincial/Federal Statutes aren't broken – for example abandoned vehicles, animal calls, school visits, property or wellbeing checks, etc.)

Assistance 282
False alarms 139
Breach of peace 110
911 Act – other activities 181
Suspicious person/vehicle/property 153
Mental health act (generally, police officers responding to reports of persons thinking about suicide, or people with mental illness and requiring assistance): 167

Non-suspicious sudden deaths/Coroner's Act (Every non-suspicious sudden death police officers respond to including reports of persons who died by suicide, natural, accident or undetermined. Specific breakdowns by cause of death are unavailable.)



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