How to report a missing person

To report a missing person

Call your local Northwest Territories RCMP detachment at (local three digits)-1111.

Call 911 immediately if the missing person is:

  • under the age of 12
  • elderly
  • has significant mental or developmental disabilities

The Northwest Territories RCMP recognizes the need to quickly investigate a missing person report. If you believe someone is missing, please take the following steps.

File a missing person report

There is no waiting period for filing a missing person report with the RCMP. Family and friends, or even neighbours and coworkers, would know a person's routine well enough to recognize if their disappearance is out of character. The sooner you let us know about a person's disappearance, the sooner we can start work on finding them.

You can file a missing person report no matter how long the person has been missing.

You don't need to be a relative to file a report. Anyone who knows the missing person well enough can file a report with the RCMP or local police.


These resources may help when someone from your family or community is missing:

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