PAT ticketing - Addendum to PROS

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The RCMP is committed to looking for new and innovative ways to maximize the efficiency and visibility of front line police officers. To this end, the RCMP launched an efficiency study to determine what can be done within the Force to improve the ability for front line members to perform their duties effectively. One of the key issues identified by the assessment was the Police Reporting Occurrence System (PROS) and working on the mobile workstation in the police car, as well as the amount of time taken to prepare and issue offence tickets and warnings.

PAT Ticketing is an operationally friendly mobile application which provides the police officer with a more intuitive interface to enter data into the Police Reporting Occurrence System (PROS) database, the RCMPs Records Management System, in a more structured and occurrence specific method. PAT Ticketing "walks" the police officer through a typical traffic ticket or warning work flow. The PAT Ticketing solution provides front line police officers with a tool that enables them to issue traffic tickets and warnings quicker and more efficiently and spend more time providing policing services to the public.

The resulting ticket or warning is printed and provided to the offender at time of issuance and is submitted electronically at time of printing through a secure portal to the applicable provincial court system. This eliminates data entry errors when the ticket information must be entered manually into the court system by clerks at a later date, as well there is a reduction in errors by the police officer when creating the ticket due to the link with PROS.

The PAT Ticketing system has been successfully implemented in "H" (Nova Scotia), "D" (Manitoba) and "F" (Saskatchewan) Divisions and is currently being developed for "J" (New Brunswick) and "K" (Alberta) Divisions.

The PAT Ticketing solution has proven to be efficient in the issuance of tickets and warnings; in addition, the instance of errors has been reduced with less challenges of erroneous information being entered into the system. The ability to link the offender through their driver's license to the provincial license system enables the police officer to have the most recent information and errors in the writing of the ticket are eliminated and the auto-population of key information provides for quicker ticket and warning preparation.

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