Corporate Security Amalgamated System (CSAS)

Executive summary

The Corporate Security Amalgamated System (CSAS) is the primary national security system which utilizes access control and intrusion detection to secure and protect the RCMP critical assets such as facilities, classified material, evidence, ammunition and specialized equipment while providing a safe working environment to employees. These computer-based security systems integrate several technologies such as panic alarms, intrusion detection, access control and SmartCard. The security-related information required for the system is currently collected and manually entered into the CSAS. Frequent updates to the system are required to ensure the data is accurate.

The modifications proposed focus on the electronic collection of the required information from the RCMP's Human Resource Management System (HRMIS). Automating the process will accelerate data collection and ensure accuracy and efficiency. In addition, the ability to simultaneously share this collected information nationwide will serve to increase security for the RCMP's employees and facilities across the country.

This is a new departmental administrative program, through which personal information will be collected for internal use only, without disclosure to other sources or programs. Information will be for long-term use, within the same institution, and information collected will affect all employees. This program would be assessed as a Low Risk.

The RCMP has the authority to collect the information required by the CSAS and is responsible for the protection and security of Federal buildings and property of the Government of Canada. The Personal Information Banks (PIBs) describing the information collected for CSAS purposes are: Standard PIB PSE 917 (Identification and Building Pass Cards) and RCMP PIB PPE 807 (RCMP General Administrative Records.

The personal information is collected, with the consent of the individual, on forms TBS 330-23, TBS 330-47, TBS 330-60 and ICS Form 710. The personal data will originate from HRMIS. This automated process will keep the CSAS database current and minimize errors and duplication. Personal information collected from form 710 will be added to the CSAS database. This additional personal information includes: work location, vehicle data, access rights, and medical alert (not mandatory).The information transferred will be appropriately encrypted to meet the Protected "B" Security Level and will be accessed on a "need-to-know" basis only.

The RCMP ATIP Branch provides privacy training to RCMP employees including privacy requirements and the rights of individuals. Should a privacy breach occur, an investigation will be conducted and channeled appropriately. The risk of a privacy breach is considered very low level as system access is controlled through numerous security measures.

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