Client and partner survey results 2020-21

This past year, all three groups continue to report that the RCMP is important to the safety of Canadians (public: 90%; contract partners: 99%; policing partners and stakeholders: 98%).

Satisfaction with the RCMP remains strong among contract partners (87%), as well as policing partners and stakeholders (86%). However, it is lower for members of the public (62%).

Our contract partners report that we demonstrate professionalism (92%) and integrity (85%), as do our policing partners and stakeholders (professionalism: 89% and integrity: 82%). We do have feedback, though, on where our operational work could improve.

Members of the public who interacted with us in the past year similarly reported their interactions as professional (83%) and fair (83%). Among members of the public overall, though, evaluations of the RCMP were much lower (professionalism: 65%; integrity 58%).

We are listening and holding ourselves accountable

We know that we can do better. The percentage of Canadians who report feeling safer because of the RCMP has declined since last year (57%; 64% in 2019-20). Trust and confidence has also dropped since last year for the public (60%; 69% in 2019-20) and our policing partners and stakeholders (82%; 84% in 2019-20). In addition, results are telling us that the RCMP does not provide the same quality of service to all citizens (39%). The extent to which we are perceived by the public to be sensitive to the needs of different cultures and groups is similarly low, and that evaluation has dropped considerably since last year (39%; 52% in 2019-20).

How we're using these results

These surveys are a key element of our commitment to accountability. The results give us information about:

  • how Canadians and our contract and policing partners perceive us
  • where they find value in our services
  • where we are falling short of their expectations

We have heard the concerns expressed from these surveys, and from many other sources, and have put in place an extensive plan for modernization. Vision150 outlines where we want to be in 2023, the 150th anniversary of the RCMP. We are focused on attaining three key organization-wide outcomes:

  • The RCMP is a healthy and inclusive organization that provides modern policing services
  • RCMP culture is characterized by respect for diversity and the contributions of all employees
  • Employees, communities, partners, and other stakeholders have trust and confidence in the RCMP

Detailed survey results

The details for each of our 2020-21 Client and Partner Surveys are available at the links below. The results point to some specific areas for improvement, including:

  • increasing sensitivity to different cultures and groups
  • increasing respect for the cultural needs of Indigenous people
  • providing the same quality of service to all people residing in Canada

With The Way Forward, we are committed to advancing equity, accountability, and trust in the RCMP.

The percentages provided are for the combined responses of agree and strongly agree with each question. Questions were answered on a five-point scale (strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree).

What Canadians think

Results from the Canadians' Views of RCMP Policing Services survey show an overall satisfaction with the RCMP of 62%.

What our contract partners think

Results from the Contract Partners Survey show that 87% of our partners are satisfied with the RCMP's contribution to keeping Canadians safe.

What our policing partners and stakeholders think

Results from the Policing Partners and Stakeholders Survey show that 86% of our policing partners and stakeholders are satisfied with the RCMP's contribution to keeping Canadians safe.

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