Brenda Butterworth-Carr – Deputy Commissioner, Commanding Officer British Columbia Division

The Deputy Commissioner, Pacific Region and Commanding Officer E Division (British Columbia), oversees over 9, 600 employees in both the Yukon and British Columbia. Travel throughout the Pacific Region is required for managerial and/or ceremonial reasons. The Deputy Commissioner attends regular and emergency meetings with partners at the community, provincial and federal levels. In addition, attendance at Senior Executive Committee and Senior Management Team meetings require regular trips to Ottawa. International travel is occasionally required to further operational priorities of the RCMP.

Travel expenses – 3rd quarter (2 September to 1 December 2017)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses reported for this quarter
2017-09-02 to 2017-12-01 Local travel for various meetings $28.95
2017-09-09 to 2017-09-10 Royal Canadian Mounted Police National Memorial Service $711.01
2017-09-17 to 2017-09-17 Cops for Kids Welcome Back Event $509.54
2017-09-26 to 2017-09-27 Union of British Columbia Municipalities Meeting $53.85
2017-10-16 to 2017-10-24 Senior Management Team Meetings and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference $5,360.57
2017-11-15 to 2017-11-17 British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police Meeting $463.67
Total $7,127.59

Hospitality expenses – 3rd quarter (2 September to 1 December 2017)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses not previously reported
2016-12-14 to 2016-12-14 District Officers Meeting $131.15
2017-08-09 to 2017-08-09 Meeting with the Independent Investigations Office $32.03
2017-08-10 to 2017-08-10 Meeting to prepare for upcoming presentation on Guns, Gangs and Organized Crime $35.70
2017-08-23 to 2017-08-23 Meeting with members of First Nations communities $43.58
Expenses reported for this quarter
2017-10-13 to 2017-10-13 Meet and Greet with Taiwan Ministry of Justice $84.00
2017-11-07 to 2017-11-09 Meeting with Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of British Columbia $1,912.15
Total $2,238.61
Note: Amounts include applicable taxes.
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