Stephen W. Graham – Deputy Commissioner, East

The Commanding Officers of Ontario ("O" Division), the National Capital Region ("A" Division), National Headquarters, Québec ("C" Division), New Brunswick ("J" Division), Nova Scotia ("H" Division), Prince Edward Island ("L" Division) and Newfoundland and Labrador ("B" Division) report to the Deputy Commissioner, East. The Deputy Commissioner, East is required to travel to meet with the Commanding Officers and employees within the portfolio, attend regular and emergency meetings with partners at the community, provincial and federal levels and attend ceremonial functions. In addition, attendance at Senior Executive Committee and Senior Management Team meetings require regular trips to Ottawa. International travel is occasionally required to further operational priorities of the RCMP.

Travel expenses – 2nd quarter (2 June to 1 September 2012)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses not previously reported
2012-05-29 to 2012-06-01 Senior Management Team Meetings $1,707.00
Expenses reported for this quarter
2012-06-06 to 2012-06-08 House of Commons Parliamentary Committee $1,446.39
2012-06-11 to 2012-06-12 Meeting with the Deputy Attorney General of Prince Edward Island and Interviews for the Prince Edward Island Division Commanding Officer $431.38
2012-06-27 to 2012-06-29 Sunset Ceremonies and the Economics of Policing Conference $1,486.54
2012-07-12 to 2012-07-18 Funeral Service and the New Brunswick Division Queen's Diamond Jubilee Awards $296.20
2012-07-25 to 2012-07-29 Prince Edward Island Division Change of Command Ceremony $155.90
Total $5,523.41

Hospitality expenses – 2nd quarter (2 June to 1 September 2012)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses reported for this quarter
2012-07-12 Atlantic Region Executive Committee Meeting - The Way Forward $65.45
Total $65.45
Note: Amounts include applicable taxes.
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