Marianne Ryan – Deputy Commissioner, Commanding Officer Alberta Division

The Commanding Officer "K" Division (Provincial Police Force for Alberta) oversees RCMP operations and the work of approximately 3,765 employees. The Commanding Officer "K" Division is accountable for directing the management and delivery of Provincial, First Nations, Municipal and Federal policing services, including preventing and investigating crime, maintaining order and enforcing laws, contributing to national security, ensuring the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries and foreign missions, and providing operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies across the Division and Canada. The Deputy Commissioner attends Regional Executive Committee Meetings, speaking engagements, community functions, and government and interagency meetings throughout "K" Division.

Travel expenses – 1st quarter (2 March to 1 June 2016)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses not previously reported
2016-02-22 to 2016-02-26 Senior Management Team Meetings $2,109.48
Expenses reported for this quarter
2016-02-29 to 2016-03-02 Senior Executive Interview Board $1,444.57
2016-04-22 to 2016-04-23 Alberta Association of Police Governance Annual Conference $189.74
2016-04-26 to 2016-04-28 Alberta Association Chiefs of Police Spring Conference $397.08
Total $4,140.87

Hospitality expenses – 1st quarter (2 March to 1 June 2016)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses reported for this quarter
2016-01-16 to 2016-04-25 Refreshments for various meetings $65.86
2016-03-19 to 2016-03-19 Camrose Police Service 60th Anniversary Ball $65.00
2016-03-30 to 2016-03-30 Alberta Division Commissioners Commendations Award Ceremony $825.91
2016-04-02 to 2016-04-02 Medicine Hat Police Service Silver Anniversary Regimental Ball $70.00
2016-05-08 to 2016-05-08 Briefing on Fort McMurray Wildfires $191.00
Total $1,217.77
Note: Amounts include applicable taxes.
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