Eric Stubbs – Assistant Commissioner, Criminal Operations Officer, Core Policing for British Columbia Division

The Assistant Commissioner, Criminal Operations Officer - Core Policing, British Columbia Division reports directly to the Deputy Commissioner, Commanding Officer British Columbia. The Assistant Commissioner is responsible and accountable for the overall strategic direction, leadership, risk management, human resources management, and financial management of Core Policing functions for RCMP British Columbia Division. The Criminal Operations Officer attends regular meetings with partners at the community, provincial and federal levels. In addition, attendance at senior committee and senior management team meetings require regular trips to Ottawa and throughout British Columbia.

Travel expenses – 3rd quarter (2 September to 1 December 2017)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses not previously reported
2017-08-24 to 2017-08-24 Local travel for various meetings $46.00
Expenses reported for this quarter
2017-09-15 to 2017-10-01 National Integrated Operations Council Meeting $1,631.03
2017-10-03 to 2017-10-05 Awards Ceremonies $1,035.42
2017-10-10 to 2017-10-11 South East District Commanders Meeting $631.47
2017-11-14 to 2017-11-16 British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police Meeting $717.82
2017-11-18 to 2017-11-19 Regimental Dinner $269.78
Total $4,331.52

Hospitality expenses – 3rd quarter (2 September to 1 December 2017)

Date(s) Description Cost
Expenses reported for this quarter
2017-09-13 to 2017-09-13 Core District Officers' Meeting $264.50
Total $264.50
Note: Amounts include applicable taxes.
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