About the RCMP in Manitoba

The Manitoba RCMP aims to keep the peace and uphold the law. We’re proud to provide quality policing service in partnership with our communities.

Our policing environment is changing. The challenges we face today are much different than those in the past. In today's world, we face:

  • changing demographics
  • geographical constraints
  • social change
  • shifting values
  • terrorist activities
  • new technology

Meeting the challenge

Three key tools that help us deal with these issues are:

  • focusing on intelligence-led policing
  • using modern technology
  • building strategic partnerships with the communities we serve

Keeping communities safe

Manitobans deserve the highest quality professional policing service. We continue to develop solutions to community safety issues.

The RCMP in Manitoba provides policing services via:

  • 80 detachments
  • approximately 1000 regular members
  • approximately 450 civilian and public service employees

2022/2023 D Division Priorities

The following priorities provide a framework for our efforts throughout the year.

Foster and promote employee engagement and wellness

With a focus on employee well-being, we can enhance productivity and ensure the wellness of our employees. The benefits of engaged employees improve overall satisfaction and directly affect our achievements, both professionally and personally.

We will support all employees whenever possible through the promotion of fitness, health, and work-life balance, while providing the resources needed to maintain both physical and mental health. With engaged and healthy employees, we will directly contribute to a stronger Division.

Enhance service delivery through stewardship, modernization and innovation

Our plan ensures the Division is suited to police our communities with the most efficient and effective policing services possible. We will work with our contract partners and stakeholders, in consultation with Manitoba Justice, to deliver on our mandate of keeping our communities safe by maximizing our resources.

As technology continues to evolve, it is important that D Division seeks out available resources to optimize our delivery of policing services progressively, continuing to support and expand our current technological assets.

We will continue to analyse resources and explore innovative service delivery and policing models, to ensure we are aligning ourselves efficiently and effectively.

Strengthen partnerships and support reconciliation with Indigenous communities

Our Division will continue to build partnerships through engagement, consultation and shared communication. We will assist in providing prevention and education programs, which are key components to support and protect the Indigenous Communities we live and serve in.

Our connections with Indigenous communities will be strengthened through community engagement and other reconciliation initiatives, so we can work collaboratively towards improved understanding between detachments, community leaders and citizens.

Cultural awareness and innovative training practices will be shared and encouraged throughout the Division as we advance our D Division Reconciliation Story.

Improve road and water safety through education, evidence-based enforcement and collaboration

Road, off-road and water safety is a priority for Manitobans and D Division. Statistics and evidence-based enforcement will guide us in responding to the primary areas of concern and facilitate in bringing attention to undesirable driving and boating habits.

In collaboration with Manitoba Public Insurance, other partners and the public, we will focus our efforts towards reducing the number of traffic-related and impaired-related injuries and fatalities in Manitoba.

Promote community safety and wellness through crime prevention, intervention, education and a targeted strategy to address violent crime

Through analytical and intelligence efforts we will use evidence-based techniques and targeted enforcement to reduce crime in our Province. We will continue to build our investigative and intelligence capacity to direct our resources toward existing and emerging threats to our communities. We will continue to focus our efforts to meet our mandate of addressing crime, weapons, drugs, and gangs in Manitoba.

Our Division will continue to identify problematic areas, to address current and root causes of crime, in an effort to improve community safety and wellness. Identifying social disorder issues, we will leverage our partnerships to utilize social development programs, and collaborate on issues such as mental health and family violence.

We will focus on reducing violence and victimization in Manitoba by developing a violent crime strategy and carrying out an improved restorative justice strategy. D Division will also make progress addressing cybercrime and fraud in Manitoba. The promotion of crime prevention through education and awareness will assist in reducing the opportunities for crime and violence.

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