Annual reports on the federal Witness Protection Program

Witness Protection Program – Annual report

The Witness Protection Program Act gives the Commissioner of the RCMP the responsibility to promote law enforcement, national security, national defense and public safety by facilitating the protection of persons who are at risk of harm due to their assistance or their relationship with someone who provides such assistance. The report strives to provide as much information as possible to the Canadian public without impacting the effectiveness and security of the Program.

Federal Witness Protection Program - Annual report: 2020-2021

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Witness Protection Program Advisory Committee report

The Witness Protection Program Advisory Committee reports to the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on matters relating to the program. The Committee was created to have independent subject matter experts provide advice on pertinent issues. The Committee's role is to advise the Commissioner, and by extension, Program personnel, on matters related to the effective and efficient administration of the federal Witness Protection Program.

Witness Protection Program Advisory Committee Report 2020-2021

Past reports:

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