National COVID-19 Update – April 3, 2020


This page is intended for all RCMP employees.

You should contact your manager if you have any questions specific to your situation.

Commissioner's broadcast sent April 3, 2020

In challenging times, Canadians look to the RCMP not just for service, but for leadership. They see us out there every day, doing the job we do so well, and what they see, influences how they feel. When they see a calm, cool professional on the front line handling a situation with confidence, their own fears and uncertainty might seem just a little more manageable.

In everything we communicate about our work, we need to be consistent, accurate and factual: The details of our actions may be different from one jurisdiction to another, however, the heart of our message must be the same: the RCMP are dedicated to keeping you safe – we are confident and calm, and we'll be there when you need us.

The public may not realize the tools and training we have to deal with a national emergency. COVID-19 may be new, however, we have been adapting to extreme hazards for years: from the invisible threat of fentanyl to massive forest fires. We learn from every new situation we encounter, which prepares us for each new risk coming around the corner.

And although we may be feeling the pressure of the many changes, there are always bright spots that we should notice:

For example, last week, we reported our first cases of COVID-19 within the organization, however, we also received reports from the Divisions about employees who have turned the corner and are recovering. To those who are sick – whether from Coronavirus or other illness – know we're thinking of you, wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to your return.

It's great to see our employees still having fun amidst the added precautions: whether it's members having a beard shaving contest, or reworking some April Fool's fun to be sensitive to the situation, or replacing a stolen birthday gift and putting that smile back on a kid's face through a police car drive-by birthday siren. Thank you for sharing these stories that helps us lighten the mood.

Periodic Health Assessments

On March 14, I advised you of the temporary suspension of the routine regular member Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) for four weeks. We are now suspending all PHAs, including high-risk assessments, until July 1, 2020. All PHAs that are due to expire before then are being extended three months from the date of expiry. HRMIS has suspended the three-month email notification until further notice. We will reassess this direction once health systems and services begin to stabilize.

Of course, members still have the responsibility to inform their supervisor when they are injured, ill or suffering from a condition that may have an impact on their fitness for duty and their ability to safely perform their work. All employees should monitor their health and report any symptoms that could be related to a COVID infection such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing.

Managers and supervisors should also be reminded that except in very limited circumstances, a doctor's certificate should not be required.

Job Simulation Exercise scores

Great news... after a short delay, I'm pleased to announce that JSE scores will be available on HRMIS on April 8. Understanding how important it is to receive your results, the National Promotions Unit and National Staffing Unit rose to the challenge and worked through the obstacles to complete the data upload. Great work!!!

Facility cleaning

With critical resources still required in our workplaces, keeping our facilities clean and sanitized is a top priority. New guidelines have been developed for cleaning and disinfecting areas visited by people who have presumed or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Visit the employee resource pages listed below for information.

This week, our public health officials are telling us we're on the right track, however, we're not there yet, and need to keep up the pressure. I liken it to being three weeks into the search for a suspect: they're running out of options, and we're narrowing the search area, however, we can't leave any opening for them to slip through. Now is when need to stay disciplined and not give this virus anywhere to find refuge.

So if you're self-isolating, working from home, or on leave, stay at home and don't risk exposure to yourself or others... keep that safe distance! If you're on the front lines, continue to follow all the guidance and use all the precautions. No loopholes, exceptions or shortcuts.

Stay the course, support each other and keep doin' what you're doin', because together, we got this!!!

Brenda Lucki

Stay informed

Please review the national COVID-19 Infoweb site – we are adding new information every day. I urge managers to review these sources daily and ensure that you share them with your teams.

For those without access to the Infoweb or ROSS e-mail (including families):

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