Desktop Management of Staffing Activities for Members (DMSAM) phase 1 - HRMIS addendum

Executive summary

The objective of the DMSAM project is to implement streamlined, automated processes in the Human Resources Information System (HRMIS) to capture and route information about the transfer and movement of personnel for Regular Members (RM) and Civilian Members (CM) within the RCMP. The end-state will provide automated support for all of the business events that are currently supported by the paper-based A-22A form (Transfer Notice and Change Report), therefore eliminating the form, increasing efficiencies and reducing processing delays.

DMSAM (a joint initiative between National Staffing Policy - NSP, Human Resources Management of Information Centre - HRMIC, and the Chief Information Officer-CIO) will be delivered with a phased implementation and reaching full operational capability in fall/winter 2014 (target).

This addendum applies to the functionality delivered as part of phase 1and additional addendums will be drafted (as required) for the implementation of future phases.

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