Early warning: Integrated Risk Management Program using IAPro

Executive summary

This Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is applicable to the implementation of Internal Affairs and Professional Standards software (IAPro) for use within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) "K" Division.

The Professional Standards Unit has been directed to utilize new statistical reporting software provided by the Solicitor General, Province of Alberta named IAPro. IAPro is a data-based management tool capable of identifying members exhibiting specific performance issues which could be indicators of larger behavioral or conduct problems. Timely recognition subsequently enables appropriate intervention strategies to be implemented, which normally consist of counseling or training, before the behavior or misconduct escalates to the point of jeopardizing a member's career, or in the broader context, damaging the reputation of the RCMP.

IAPro is a Protected "B" application. The IAPro system will reside within the RCMP Office Support System (ROSS) network. Access will be via strong authentication by RCMP Professional Standards Unit personnel in K Division. Communication encryption is provided via an approved Contivity appliance.

The implementation of the IAPro service will not result in the collection of new data. Rather, information will be "verified" from existing RCMP personnel information databases. This new "collection service" is needed for consistent statistical/numerical reporting to the Solicitor General of Alberta. The new service will eliminate time consuming manual correlation and reporting efforts. No employee information is provided within the statistical reports. The output of the IAPro analysis tool is numerical data referential to the number and type of public complaints. This numerical information will be provided to the Solicitor General of Alberta from IAPro in the same format as all other police forces in Alberta.

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