Suicide awareness and prevention

Suicide has no boundaries: it occurs across all ages, genders, backgrounds and professions. As with the general Canadian population, RCMP employees can experience occupational stress, trauma and personal struggles that can threaten their well-being.

The RCMP is addressing the stigma around suicidal thoughts, suicide, and mental illness. We aim to provide a compassionate environment where RCMP employees support one another and feel comfortable seeking help. More and more employees are coming forward and sharing their stories about mental illness and suicide symptoms.

Our wallet card on suicide prevention (called KNOW SUICIDE) is a quick reference tool that outlines:

  • suicide risk factors
  • signs of suicide ideation
  • tips on what to say to a colleague who is showing signs of suicidal behaviour
  • contact numbers for immediate help

The wallet card is available to employees on the RCMP intranet. If you do not have access to the intranet, please send an email to

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