Support for Operational Stress Injury Program

Support. Connection. Resilience.

The Support for Operational Stress Injury (SOSI) program connects both current employees and former RCMP members with a peer support network - a supportive community of people who have experienced an operational stress injury.

The Support for Operational Stress Injury program provides peer support to all employees of the RCMP, regardless of rank or category of employee, as well as RCMP veterans and retired employees.

SOSI Coordinators are employees of the RCMP who offer non-clinical assistance and support based on shared experience and specific OSI training that they have received.

Our peer support network can connect you to a supportive community of people with similar experiences and resources to help.

How we can help

There is a community around you that understands what you are going through right now. The SOSI Program can help you tap into this community and benefit from the strength, wisdom, and experience our coordinators and peers bring.

Our coordinators can:

  • meet with you one-on-one
  • provide helpful resources and information that can be discussed with your health care team
  • help you connect with others who are in similar situations
  • facilitate group discussions

You are in control of how fast or slow you go from here and how much support you want. Conversations with a SOSI Coordinator are:

  • confidential
  • conducted in respectful manner and
  • non-judgmental at all times

Your next step is to contact our SOSI Program that will connect you with a SOSI Coordinator. They will provide support as someone who has walked in your shoes.

Need help now?

If you are in crisis or having suicidal thoughts, take action:

To connect with a SOSI Coordinator or for general inquiries about the SOSI program, please contact

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