Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) - HRMIS v 8.9 upgrade - Addendum

Executive summary

The Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for v 8.0 of the HRMIS was submitted in 2003 to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC). This Addendum to the original PIA, applies to the upgrade of the RCMP's current HRMIS v 8.0 to the Government of Canada (GoC) PeopleSoft HRMS v 8.9 in support of the GoC direction to maintain product currency and to significantly reduce the RCMP application's customizations.

The RCMP has implemented a new protocol to restrict Web access to production applications through a Secure Access Portal (SAP). Access to the SAP will be granted through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) secure token authentication (Entrust tokens). Authentication depends both on something you know and something you have.

By utilizing Entrust and SAP, HRMIS will ensure that only authorized users have access to the human resource data and that access cannot be gained by accident or careless storage of a userid/password.

A reporting review was conducted at the beginning of the HRMIS v 8.9 Upgrade. The number of reports in HRMIS v 8.0 were in the thousands, due mainly to the high volume of ad hoc requests over the years. Migration of all these reports to the HRMIS v 8.9 environment was clearly unrealistic and unnecessary. Efforts were made to rationalize and prioritize the reporting requirements to a level that was achievable and would provide value to the HRMIS v 8.9 user community.

The functionality to be delivered within the scope of this project is limited to that which was present within the HRMIS v 8.0 environment. The upgrade will not increase the collection, use or disclosure of the information. The benefits of the HRMIS v 8.9 Upgrade will be more modernized and updated business processes by simplifying and streamlining, facilitating the integration of financial, asset, equipment and human resource information, following Government of Canada HR common business processes and increased level of security with the SAP and Entrust. The new version of PeopleSoft will position the RCMP to be able to support Government of Canada (GoC) and departmental strategic business objectives and at the same time it acts as the foundation for future functional and technical growth.

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