Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE)

Executive summary

The Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE) project is the implementation of a secure (Protected B) national-wide collaborative platform that will provide the Federal Policing with the ability to collectively gather, share, produce and update knowledge related to criminal activities and professional practice. The ICE will propose the users a set of flexible tools and functionalities that will increase the efficiency of collaborative work and expertise sharing.

This new, departmental PIA for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), while headed by Commissioner Robert Paulson, is the delegated responsibility of the Officer in Charge of the Access to Information Branch.

The RCMP is a federal, provincial and municipal policing body, who is mandated to enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, and Federal and Provincial Statutes. The mandate of the Federal Policing Branch is to investigate drugs and organized crime, economic crime and terrorist criminal activity; enforce federal statutes; secure Canada's borders; conduct international capacity building, liaison and peacekeeping; and ensure the safety of major events, state officials, dignitaries and foreign missions.

The authority to collect information is based on the RCMP's statutory and Common Law policing duties, outlined in Section 18 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act and section 17 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The collection and use of personal information is consistent with the purposes identified in PIB RCMP PPU 005 and RCMP PPU 015.

The context and type of personal information is deemed sensitive, as it deals with an individual's association with criminal groups and activities, as well as intelligence projects. Personal information contained in the ICE system is originally collected from the source systems (i.e. PROS, PRIME), investigative or intelligence files for Law Enforcement purposes, as per the RCMP mandate. The use of this data within ICE, which is a close system, is for one or more program administrative purposes that affect certain individuals.

The only users of ICE are RCMP members, who will have access from their normal workstation on the RCMP ROSS network, albeit the Secure Access Portal (Protected B environment).

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