Integrated Query Tool

Executive summary

This report contains a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the RCMP's Integrated Query Tool (IQT). As part of the Police Reporting and Occurrence System (PROS) Project, the implementation of IQT will simplify the method of obtaining investigative information from internal electronic systems that are currently used to support the law enforcement mission of the RCMP. The scope of this PIA encompasses the synchronization of information from the Police Information Retrieval System (PIRS) and the Police Reporting and Occurrence System (PROS) into a central IQT data repository to enable a single search capability. Additionally, the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) will be subject to this single search, however, the information obtained will come directly from the source system and will not be incorporated in the central data repository. The delivery of IQT will be in a total web-based architecture and will provide a robust environment for the 15,000 RCMP employees currently using CPIC, PIRS or PROS. It is understood that this PIA is limited to the RCMP "internal" release/implementation of IQT and will be subject to updates/amendments for future sharing of IQT with other law enforcement agencies.

The RCMP is a key service provider to Canada and Canadians at federal, provincial and municipal levels. The law enforcement services offered are varied and wide, and range from protecting Canadians, Canadian businesses and visitors to Canada, to protecting Canadians and Canadian interests abroad. This is possible only with a sound management and supporting infrastructure, such as the proper use of information and technology that support RCMP Operations Sectors requirements.

The RCMP's current Occurrence, Records Management and Investigative systems include PIRS, PROS and CPIC. PIRS is a investigative information recording and retrieval system containing detailed information on all events reported to the RCMP. PROS is a complete occurrence and records management system which provides the electronic capability to create, store, update, maintain, retrieve, sequester, purge and dispose of information. CPIC uses computerized files and telecommunications technology to store, retrieve and communicate information.

Currently three separate queries are necessary to obtain information from CPIC, PIRS and PROS. Authorized users must log into each system separately and then consolidate the responses received to obtain a complete and accurate representation of the subject matter queried. This process is an impediment to the RCMP meeting the demands placed on a modern-day law enforcement agency.

IQT is the RCMP solution to deliver an integrated and synchronized query tool where primary information is provided from the IQT data repository and detailed information is available from the respective RCMP source systems. IQT is not a duplication of the PIRS and PROS databases; rather, it is a system where key information on a person, vehicle, property, business and organization is consolidated for querying.

The implementation of IQT will expedite the investigative process and allow RCMP law enforcement personnel to spend more time on front line community policing.

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