RCMP National Statement

March 27, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario


We understand that people are worried about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in their communities.

So are we.

As first responders, the RCMP is mindful of these concerns and is a full participant in the Canada-wide public health effort to fight COVID-19.

As members of the communities we serve, RCMP employees are not immune to the risks of COVID-19. And as an organisation, the RCMP takes every precaution to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and the public we serve.

Canadians should know that even if some front-counter services may be suspended in some detachments, the RCMP is still on the job, responding to calls, working around the clock and across Canada to keep Canadians safe.

The RCMP is carefully following direction from public health officials, with respect to any possible exposure to COVID-19, in addition to self-isolation requirements due to reasons such as international travel.

As soon as any RCMP employee learns of a possible exposure to the virus, we take immediate precautions. The RCMP will continue to work closely with public health authorities to ensure proper monitoring and notification protocols are maintained. We of course respect our employees' right to privacy and will not be identifying them publicly.

While we can confirm that the RCMP has dealt with its first six cases of COVID-19, in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, we are not in a position to confirm specific information with respect to our employees, as this forms part of their private medical history. We are also mindful that not all persons who are COVID-19 symptomatic are tested, but that all such members are subject to self-isolation.

As with other departments and agencies, the RCMP will continue to report to Public Health on these matters and will rely on the reporting found at canada.ca/covid19.


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