COVID-19 cases reported at the RCMP Academy

January 18, 2022
Regina, Saskatchewan

News release

With the surge of COVID-19 cases, Depot has not been immune to this new variant. The RCMP Academy is aware of the COVID-19 outbreak statistics reported by the Saskatchewan Health Authority website on December 26, 2021. Depot is monitoring the situation and working closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) to keep our training environment operational, healthy and safe.

Depot can confirm there have been positive cases among the cadet and staff population, however specific statistical data about those affected cannot be provided. There have been no adverse effects on operations, nor has the COVID-19 situation required local healthcare intervention.

Protocols are in place should a cadet test positive. Each case is treated individually. Affected cadets are provided a private space to isolate, proper medical care, meals and mechanisms to continue training. Depot follows the provincial health requirements for isolating. If isolation times affect training schedules, cadets may be re-inserted into a different troop.

Employees are encouraged to rapid test at home and self-monitor for illness. Those feeling unwell or who have received a positive test result must stay home and follow the provincial guidelines before returning back to work.

Numerous mitigation measures are in place to reduce exposure and minimize the spread of COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing rapid tests to cadets and employees at the Depot Rapid Testing Site.
  • Training troops in "bubbles" to minimize contact with other cadets.
  • Keeping Depot closed to the general public.
  • Limiting off-base activities.
  • Supplying surgical masks to cadets and employees, which are mandatory everywhere on base.
  • Following the Government of Canada's mandate that all federal employees (including cadets) be fully vaccinated.

In collaboration with both provincial and federal health authorities, Depot continues to implement best practices and mitigation strategies to protect the integrity of the Cadet Training Program during the pandemic. Provinces and territories across Canada count on us to be safe and continue sending new constables out into the field.


We had hoped that the situation would have normalized by now, but it remains fluid and we continue to adapt to the ever-changing challenges presented by COVID-19. Since the resumption of training in June 2020, we have taken a proactive approach that prioritizes the health and well-being of cadets and employees.

Chief Superintendent Sylvie Bourassa-Muise, Commanding Officer, Depot Division

Depot continues to monitor and adjust COVID-19 precautions as required. We will continue to work together now in order to keep each other safe and ensure the Cadet Training Program continues to thrive.

Superintendent Rayner Shourie, Training Officer, Depot Division


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