RCMP NL urges motorists to report suspected impaired drivers; nine people died in impaired driving crashes in 2021

December 2, 2022
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador

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Heading into National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day (December 3, 2022), RCMP NL encourages motorists to continue to report all suspected impaired drivers – doing so could save lives. Road safety is the responsibility of all who share the roadways throughout the province.

In 2021, nine people died as a result of impaired driving crashes in areas policed by RCMP NL. Three hundred a ninety-eight drivers were charged with impaired driving offences, equating to more than one person a day being charged. Of those 398 drivers:

  • 67 were operating off-road vehicles,
  • 332 were impaired by alcohol,
  • 55 were impaired by drug,
  • 11 were impaired by a combination of alcohol and drugs.

Oftentimes, impaired drivers can be very obvious to other motorists when driving in the wrong lane of travel, striking a sidewalk or the shoulder of the roadway or being unable to maintain the proper lane position. At times, impaired driving may be less obvious; for example, traveling at reduced or inconsistent speeds or failing to obey traffic signs.

RCMP NL receives numerous reports of suspected impaired drivers each year from concerned residents and motorists. These reports are investigated and have resulted in countless drivers being removed from our roadways and likely saved a number of lives.

Our police officers are equipped to detect drivers who are impaired by alcohol, drugs or a combination of alcohol and drugs, with the availability of roadside testing and equipment, as well as further impaired driving testing completed at detachments.

If you suspect a driver is impaired, dial 911 or contact your local police detachment as soon as possible. Providing details such as a plate number, if able, a description of the vehicle, including its make, model and color, as well as the vehicle's current location and direction of travel will help assist officers in their efforts to locate and assess the driver for signs of impairment.

Together, we can keep our roads a safer place for ourselves, our loved ones and all roadway users.


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