Fallen Members' Fund Memory Garden

The Fallen Members' Fund Memory Garden honours all RCMP employees who passed away and served in Newfoundland and Labrador. This includes public service employees, civilian members and regular members.

There are no restrictions on how the employee passed. All employees are welcome to have their names in the garden at the request of their loved ones.

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Collecting names

The Memory Garden is being implemented in two phases.

Phase one (completed)

Adding the names of those employees who have served in Newfoundland and Labrador and are buried in this province.

Phase two (on going)

Adding the names of employees who:

  • served in the province and are buried elsewhere
  • passed away after the garden has been unveiled

We will collect names during November to January each year.


The cost to add a name in the Memory Garden is $200.


Every April, we will submit a new list of names for engraving. The new bricks will be installed between May and June depending on the weather.

Submit a name

Before submitting a name, please see the list of RCMP members already included in the Memory Garden.

When submitting a name, provide as much information as possible about the fallen member:

  • name
  • rank
  • service number
  • year of birth
  • year of death
  • where they are buried

To submit a name or for more information, please email RCMPNLMemoryGarden-JardinCommemoratifGRCTNL@rcmp-grc.gc.ca. Please include your contact name and phone number.

RCMP members honoured in the Fallen Members' Fund Memory Garden

List of honoured fallen members
Regimental no. Rank Name Honours
19929 Constable Frederick Albota
22240 Constable Robert Amey Honour Roll #127
46226 Constable Anthony Andersen
16185 Staff Sergeant Allen Anstey Newfoundland Ranger #100
58155 Constable Robert Archibald
16192 Staff Sergeant John Avery
16177 Corporal Walter Baggs
19279 Staff Sergeant Clayton Bain
27887 Sergeant Gerald Bambury
n/a Civilian member Douglas Barfoot
C/1451 Civilian member George Barrett
18404 Constable Harold Barrett
35615 Constable Garry Batstone
19587 Corporal William Beer
27208 Staff Seargeant R.W. Bemrose
S0466 Special Constable Francis Bennett WWII
24876 Staff Sergeant Thomas Berger
16222 Constable Reginale Bowering Newfoundland Ranger #183
C/255 Civilian member Percy Bradley
17892 Staff Sergeant John Briggs
42725 Constable John Brocklehurst
n/a Public service employee Bren Broderick
20910 Corporal Keith Brooks
C0052 Civilian member Paul Brown
21754 Corporal Charles Brushett
30563 Corporal Clarence Burgess
36327 Constable Douglas Butler Honour Roll #170
C1725 Civilian member Ferna Butler
n/a Public service employee Marilyn Butt
17972 Staff Sergeant Ray Butt
16251 Constable Josiah Butt Newfoundland Ranger #203
16236 Staff Sergeant James Byrne
40948 Commissionaire Harold Cahill WWII
40948 Constable Jessie Carey
16216 Staff Sergeant Francis Cheeseman Newfoundland Ranger #184
30372 Staff Sergeant Eugene Childs
19548 Sergeant James Clancy
28990 Sergeant Albert Clarke
36208 Constable Barry Clarke
16174 Sergeant John Clarke
S10885 Staff Sergeant Thomas Cleary
16188 Staff Sergeant Hugh Coady
22928 Sergeant Ward Coates
16178 Corporal Leopold Cochrane
C/1626 Civilian member Bert Coish
25761 Staff Sergeant Roland Collins
n/a Auxiliary constable Curtis Coles
21408 Sergeant Allen Conrod
26228 Corporal William Corcoran
16180 Corporal Graham Coveyduck
18032 Corporal Garth Crowe
16197 Constable Dudley Crowther Newfoundland Ranger #91
29591 Constable Gerald Crummey
28005 Constable Hansen Dalton
16242 Constable Patrick Daly
25933 Sergeant Calvin Davis
30791 Constable Lindberg Davis Honour Roll #158
16163 Sergeant Major Edward Delaney Newfoundland Ranger #16
41852 Corporal Jason Derry
41110 Corporal Donald Deveau
22151 Staff Sergeant Richard Dionne
C.07216 Civilian member Joan Dollimont-Mcentegart
17090 Staff Sergeant Howard Dornan
18940 Staff Sergeant Edward Doupe
19280 Sergeant Cyril Dowden
34458 Corporal Albert Duffett
21392 Staff Sergeant R.M. (Rick) Dundas
16181 Constable Clarence Dwyer Newfoundland Ranger #15
28640 Constable David Dwyer
C/4594 Civilian member Valerie Dwyer
S856 Special Constable Sidney Elson
18502 Superintendent Murray Evans
S/10274 Special Constable Michael Evans
26500 Staff Sergeant Edward Farrell
M/10922 Special Constable James Farrell
16172 Sergeant Major Gordon Fitzpatrick Newfoundland Ranger #24
n/a Public service employee Kay Fitzgerald
M145 Special Constable Thomas Fleming
32529 Constable Peter Foley
O.0480/16164 Superintendent Nelson Forward Newfoundland Ranger #37
16220 Corporal Robert Forward Newfoundland Ranger #170
16186 Staff Sergeant Dornan Foster Newfoundland Ranger #98
28006 Corporal Ian Fowler
n/a Public service employee Mac Fradsham
17352 Sergeant Harvey Fraser
16671 Constable Leslie Freake
16202 Constable Clayton Gilbert
16200 Corporal Bruce Gillingham Newfoundland Ranger #107
22186 Corporal Gary Girvan
16227 Staff Sergeant Lloyd Goodyear
n/a Auxiliary constable Gerry Goosney
31305 Sergeant David Gosine
n/a Public service employee Mary Grant
8528 Constable Adolph Green WWI Royal North-West Mounted Police
S/243 Special Constable Daniel Green
16230 Staff Sergeant Walter Greene Newfoundland Ranger #153
21492 Sergeant John Greer
37371 Sergeant Reginald Gulliford
17868 Staff Sergeant Jesse Hall
16196 Constable Francis Hannon Newfoundland Ranger #87
43849 Constable George Hawkins
16207 Corporal Randell Haynes Newfoundland Ranger #157
n/a Public service employee Joyce Hickey
25262 Constable Douglas Hill
n/a Public service employee Jean Hillier
23897 Staff Sergeant David Himmelman
20307 Constable Terrence Hoey Honour Roll #81
16167 Staff Sergeant John Hogan Newfoundland Ranger #79
16169 Corporal Thomas Hollett
16246 Constable Lawrence Hoskins
16203 Corporal Expedite Howard Newfoundland Ranger #140
16190 Corporal Edwin Hunt
22777 Constable William Hurley
16247 Constable Raymond Huxter Newfoundland Ranger #194
25165 Constable Derek Ivany Honour Roll #144
21249 Constable John Ivory
16232 Sergeant Stephen Jarvis WWll Newfoundland Ranger #176
16183 R #67 Staff Sergeant Gilbert Jenkins
16243 Constable Thomas Jenkins Newfoundland Ranger #199
16176 Corporal William Jillett
20070 Staff Sergeant Henry Johnston
35159 Constable Gregory Joyce
C/4821 Civilian Member Phil Kearley
16194 Constable Thomas Kearsey
M/8919 Staff Constable Michael Keating
n/a Public service employee Paula Kennedy
24884 Constable James Kelloway
16166 /O.449 Inspector Michael Keough
16187/0.734 Superintendent John Lafosse Newfoundland Ranger #105
n/a Public service employee Bonnie Lynn Lake
n/a Public service employee Linda Lannigan-Chaulk
16228 Staff Sergeant Major Kevin Lawlor
00912 A/ Commr. Gerald Gregory Leahy
28059 Corporal Alwyn Lear
22882 Constable George Lear
20261 Constable Joseph Leclair
16193 Constable Leslie Ledrew Newfoundland Ranger #63
16165 Inspector Alan Legrow Newfoundland Ranger #22
n/a Public service employee Ed Leonard
44638 Constable Paul Lingard
18715 Staff Sergeant Dale Lively
S/C11125 Special Constable Gerald Louvelle
n/a Public service employee Pearl Luff-Rice
16237 Sergeant Major Victor Lundrigan
40183 Constable Roy Luscombe
23123 Staff Sergeant James Macdonald
30250 Corporal Donald Macdonald
D0319 Public service employee Tyler Macdonald
17907 Staff Sergeant Alfred MacPhee
9994 Sergeant George Makinson
38545 Corporal Robert Manuel
16224 Constable Raymond March
25555 Corporal Louis Marshall
S119 Special Constable Samuel Martin
16219 Staff Sergeant Clifton Matthews Newfoundland Ranger #159
S8720 Special Constable Frank Matthews
n/a Public service employee Levi Mitchell
20219 Sergeant Percival Matthews
21540 Constable Ronald MacIsaac
23796 Staff Sergeant Robert MacKinnon
19787 Constable Francis McAllister
16171 Staff Sergeant Charles McCormack
n/a Civilian member Michael McCormack
25404 Staff Sergeant Paul McCormick
18938 Corporal Donald McDonald
37715 Constable Dennis McDonough
20677 Staff Sergeant Philip McIntee
18776 Constable Ronald McKelvie
15115 Corporal Frederick McMullen
S2704 Special Constable Bruce McPherson
16168 Staff Sergeant Frank Mercer Newfoundland Ranger #25
24169 Staff Sergeant Leigh Miller
n/a Public service employee Millie Miller
31123 Constable Stephen Mingo
36353 Sergeant Kenneth Mitchell
S/2412 Special Constable Robert Mitchell
n/a Public service employee Ed Moody
30129 Constable Gregory A. Morrison
50233 Constable Colin Moulton
16213 Staff Sergeant William Mullaly Newfoundland Ranger #173
16225 Sergeant Rudolph Nash
20732 Staff Sergeant Donald Newman
20408 Sergeant Gordon Nixon
16211 Constable Reuben Noel
16215 Corporal Richard Noel Newfoundland Ranger #177
n/a Public service employee June Dianne Noftall
16175 S/Sergeant Patrick Noonan
16182 Corporal Eric Noseworthy Newfoundland Ranger #65
16201 Corporal Lewis Noseworthy Newfoundland Ranger #122
n/a Public service employee Sandra Noseworthy
25839 Staff Sergeant Ross Oake
S/2663 Special Constable Derek Oates
23565 Corporal Gerry O'Brien
n/a Public service employee Jerry O'Grady
47359 Corporal Trevor O'Keefe
22245 Sergeant Weldon Orser
C/9648 Civilian member Robert Ozon
S120 Special Constable Richard Pamak
35865 Corporal John Pardy
18833 Staff Sergeant John Parker
16191 Corporal Charles Parsons
16189 Staff Sergeant Chesley Parsons
n/a Public service employee Marilyn Paul
45792 Corporal Geoff Peddigrew
16226 Constable Blanchard Peddle
C/3164 Civilian member Adolphe Penney
n/a PSA Hilda Penney
O.1378 20957 Inspector Robert Penney
19543 Corporal Lawrence Perkins
40294/O.2989 Inspector Anthony Perry
13134 Staff Sergeant Michael Pepe
2178 Constable Ernest Peyton North-West Mounted Police
n/a Civilian member Stewart Pike
24888 Corporal Rick Pile
C/4593 Civilian member Leonard Pink
16204 Constable Andrew Pittman
35776 Sergeant Anthony Pittman
N/A Commissionaire Peter Poirier
C/0131 Civilian member Harold Pollard
35542 Constable Glenn Porter
37760 Constable Brian M Powell
16173 Inspector Edward Power Newfoundland Ranger #64
19154 Sergeant Lawrence Power
42770 Corporal Craig Pye
22912 Staff Sergeant Robert Russell
35571 Corporal Derek Quinn
n/a Public service employee Brenda Quinton
16198 Sergeant Douglas Randell
28978 Corporal Cecil Reid
22607 Constable Robert Reid
C/8030 Civilian member Wanda Richards
20574 Sergeant Preston Robbins
19962 Staff Sergeant Ambrose Roubel
16199 Inspector Earl Rose Newfoundland Ranger #124
22951 Inspector Harold Rossiter
44149 Constable Wendy Ruby
n/a Public service employee Mena Ryan
23188 Corporal Frank Salter
16217 Corporal Lloyd Saunders Newfoundland Ranger #73
60877 Constable Abdulsalam Sebbi
32896 Sergeant Wayne Short
32578 Constable Albert Skinner
22666 Sergeant Arthur Slade
n/a Public service employee Michael Slaney
14388 Sergeant Garfield Smith
C/888 Civilian member James Smith
17594 Staff Sergeant Murray Smith
29380 Staff Sergeant Robin Smith
n/a Public service employee Gloria Smith
S0145 Special Constable Hayward Spearing
30743 Corporal William Spencer
2585 Constable Joseph Squires WWI North-West Mounted Police
16210 Staff Sergeant Allen Stevens Newfoundland Ranger #161
O.1339/23164 Inspector Charles Stewart
16218 Sergeant Clive Strong Newfoundland Ranger #155
20004 Staff Sergeant Robert Stuckless
34811 Corporal Leonard Sullivan
16887 Constable Ross Tait
27364/0.1631 Inspector Hugh Tarrant
25365 Corporal Clyde Taylor
16229 Corporal Corporal Hubert Taylor
C2013 Civilian member Randolph Temple
n/a Public service employee Cavell Tetford
3251 Constable Marcel Thevenet North-West Mounted Police
24719 Corporal Garland Thorne
17419 Constable Calvin Trickett
S/10800 Special Constable Gord Tucker
n/a Public service employee Geraldine Turner
24989 Staff Sergeant Donald Urquhart
19591 Special Sergeant Herbert Vivian
44595 Constable Jeffery Webb
6028 Constable Patrick Whelan WWI Royal North-West Mounted Police
17976 Constable Edward White
23988 Constable Gerald White
20779 Constable Herbert White
16212 Corporal Wilbert Wiseman Newfoundland Ranger #169
17707 Constable Otto Woodman
17935 Staff Sergeant Ernest Ted Yeomans
29605 Corporal Ronald Yetman

Our volunteers

We built the Memory Garden through donations and fundraising. The project is organized and run entirely by volunteers. We would like to thank:

  • Kents Building Supplies
  • Heritage Memorials
  • RCMP Veterans' Association
  • B Division Officers MESS 2021
  • Marc Cooper Law Office
  • RCMP Operations Communications Center
  • The Firewood Factory
  • Victor Mullette
  • Millers Horizon Landscaping
  • Windco flags
  • Gail Penney

The RCMP Veterans Association and serving employees provided the manual labour.

Without your generosity, this project would not happen. Thank you.

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