Interview Assistance Team

The Interview Assistance Team (IAT) are experts in interviewing. They provide support to all RCMP detachments within Alberta. The investigators are based in Edmonton and Airdrie. They provide expertise in the preparation and conduct of investigative interviews and related investigational strategies.

The IAT provides service at the municipal, provincial, and federal policing level. At the municipal level, the IAT will assist with some of the more serious investigations at RCMP detachments, including:

  • attempted murder;
  • serious sexual assaults;
  • forcible confinement; and
  • aggravated assaults.

At the provincial level, the IAT assists the following:

  • Major Crimes Unit
  • Historical Homicide Unit
  • ALERT (organized crime and firearm trafficking investigations)
  • Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE) unit
  • National Security and Organized Crime investigations
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