Cadet Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what it's like to train as a police officer with the RCMP? The Cadet Chronicles documents the Cadet Training Program at the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Follow the 26-week journey to become a Mountie through the lens of a cadet. You will get a glimpse into present-day training through social media posts and a wrap up each week on our website.

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Welcome to Depot – virtually

Week 1

First steps

Week 2

The new normal

Week 3

It’s in the details

Week 4

Scenarios play a big part in training

Week 5

It’s all about communicating

Week 6

Experience Depot

Week 7

Expect the unexpected

Week 8

Continuous learning

Week 9

Some weeks are busier than others

Week 10

Earning their stripes

Week 11

Dress for all occasions

Week 12

Into the thick of it

Week 13

Half-way there

Week 14

Training Officer Inspections

Week 15

Backroads and highways

Week 16

It’s all about variety

Week 17

Uniform runs, scenarios and more

Week 18

Shifting from days to nights

Week 19

Reality check

Week 20

Serious business

Week 21

Another achievement unlocked

Week 22

Teamwork and building community connections

Week 23

Ready for anything

Week 24

Puzzle pieces coming together

Week 25

It’s the final countdown

Week 26

The final week

Graduation Day

It's official

Report for duty

Troop dismissed

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